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    Hello, I'm ready for a neck lift, and looked to BPN for help. Unfortunately, the reviews under "face lift" are all very old.  Has anyone had this or similar work recently, in the few years, and can you share yours experience with it?  Which surgeon did you choose, and how did you choose them; cost; recovery time especially how much time off work. Assume you maybe have to wear scarves for some time afterward (?), but for how long?  Would you recommend the procedure?  The surgeon you used?

    I am a kaiser member and have heard they even do this at Kaiser; would especially love hearing any Kaiser stories. Am also interested in the whole issue of people's responses (not necessarily close friends); you want people to notice, right?  But not necessarily to ask. Did you get a lot of uncomfortable questions, raised eyebrows, ?  Or did people even say "oh you look good" or anything. 

    Thanks so much for your help, not even sure where else to ask so hopefully BPN comes through again!  Thanks. 

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Mini face lift? Eye lift?

March 2009

Has anyone had either or both of these procedures? If so who did you use, how did you find the doctor, how much pain were you in afterwards, how much did it cost, and most importantly how do you like your results??? Was it worth it? anon of course

I have had an upper face lift and eyelids done about 3-4 years ago and I am still very happy with the results. I was fortunate to have a partner to look after me for the first few days. My face was so swathed and swollen as to be unrecognizable for days. Lots of Vicodin for the pain and Arnica for the bruising got me through. I wouldn't plan on returning to work for at least 7-10 days (and then you may look like a movie star in dark glasses!). My surgeon was Dr. Robert Aycock, (925) 937-8377 in Walnut Creek or (415) 925-1700, Greenbrae office. Google his website for some good before and after pictures. kl

Cosmetic Surgery Facial Rejuvenation

Jan 2009

Lately I've noticed that my face is falling. I've been looking very tired and my face looks kind of droopy around the eyes, checks and mouth, and my forehead is kind of wrinkled. I'm considering cosmetic surgery or non-invasive treatments such as Restylane/Perlane. Does anyone have any experience with facial cosmetic surgery and/or the non-invasive techniques? i'd like to hear about your experiences. I've consulted with two board certified plastic surgeons and interestingly they both had different ideas as to what needed to be done with some overlap. One recommended a brow lift and eye lift and the other recommended a mid-face lift. (Both thought my neck/chin was fine and that I could start out with Resylane, etc. treatments instead of surgery.) Also does anyone have experience for this sort of thing with Dr. Loren Eskenazi or Dr. Elizabeth Lee? If so i'd like to hear about it, and also welcome recommendations for or warnings against cosmetic surgeons that you may have had experience with. Pretty Droopy

I have had an eye lift, upper face lift, laser treatments and restylene. If you want to email me, I would be happy to set up a time when we could chat. kl
I don't have any recommendations, just a warning -- I saw recently that there is a very slight chance (.5 or .05) that fillers around the eyes can cause blindness. The filler can move and affect vision. wrinkled too
I highly recommend Dr. Robert Aycock in Walnut Creek. I had an upper and lower eyelift and laser resurfacing by him last June. The results are fabulous, very natural. I continue to use his office for botox, etc; and will return to him for future cosmetic procedures (saving up for that neck!).

Most surgeons, including Dr. Aycock, donate their surgical time and expertise performing reconstructive surgeries free of charge, usually for children. But us 40-somethings who want (not ''need'') tummy tucks and face lifts and boob jobs will pay top dollar for them - as it should be. Choose the surgeon whom you feel most comfortable with and be prepared to pay for it. For me that surgeon was (and is) Dr. Aycock. susan

Cosmetic surgeon - face or neck lift?

Dec 2008

Has anyone used a local cosmetic surgeon, specifically for a face or neck lift? How was your experience? Results? Cost? etc.? Any you would steer away from? How did you find the one you ended up using? How did you decide between a face and a neck lift, or did you do both? Will a cosmetic surgeon normally do a free initial consultation? Thanks for any guidance. Older mama

A couple years back I had blepheroplasty (removing sagging skin above eyes) and a face lift at age 46 or 47. My surgeon was Dr. Robert Aycock, 925-937-8377 in Walnut Creek or 415-925-1700 at their Greenbrae office. He was recommended to me by my boyfriend of the time as Dr. Aycock had worked on his ex-wife. You have an initial free consultation and they may take before photos then. You can also find lots of information and a before/after photo gallery on his website.I was very happy with my results. Everyone is amazed that I am 50. I continue to go back to him for laser treatments. He also hold seminars, so you could ask his receptionist for the schedule. Go for it. The discomfort after surgery is well worth the final results! kl
Hi I had a facelift (which includes a necklift) performed by Dr. Michael Cedars in Oakland two years ago. I'm 54. My results look SO natural you would never guess that I'd had a facelift. Dr. Cedars is very honest and his staff is very friendly and discreet. Dr. Cedars was recommended to me by my internist and by my pediatrician. When I went to him he had served as the Chief of Plastic Surgery at both Alta Bates-Summit Hospital and Childrens Hospital Oakland for many years. He's been voted ''Best Doctor in Plastic Surgery'' by other Bay Area doctors for many years. His partner is Katie Rodan of Pro-Activ fame. His fee was very competive and he is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. I am very pleased with my result and would highly recommend you consult Dr. Cedars if you are considering plastic surgery. Good Luck! You won't be disappointed. Patty

Want to get some work done on my face and chin

April 2007

I'm trying to find a trusted, experienced cosmetic surgeon for some work on my chin and face, and haven't seen any recommendations in the archives for that sort of work. Does anyone have a recommendation for a surgeon, especially in the East Bay? D

Hello,I had a minor procedure done about 2yrs.ago.I am very happy with the results.Dr.Howard Lee was recommended to me by a friend who had a few things done.She looked amazing and was very happy with her results.I would recommmend him to anyone.He is located in Pinole and is very good at what he does.I am a very happy person with my results.GOOD LUCK to you!! Monica
I'm sure you'll get a few responses, but it's worth checking out Dr. Elizabeth Lee in Berkeley. I did not go to her for any facial cosmetic surgery, but a good friend had a neck lift with her. She looks fabulous and enjoyed her experience with Dr. Lee. In my own surgery experience, I found Dr. Lee to be very objective, approachable, and caring -- plus my surgery turned out great! www.artfulsurgery.com
I used Dr. Robert Aycock years ago for a cosmetic procedure. He did a superb job; I've never regretted it! He never tried to talk me into any procedure - frankly, he could give a hoot if my boobs were too small or too far apart or if I had excess fat on my thighs and tummy. He took on my case because I cared about these things. He worked with my canvas and enhanced what I had. Safety was very important to him, so he worked conservatively and he kept my expectations realistic from the get-go. He has offices in Walnut Creek as well as Marin. Anonymous
I've seen Dr. Elisabeth Lee in Berkeley (near Alta Bates) and I trust her very much. She talked me out of a face lift as too aggressive and started me on Obaji (a skin care regimen) & I've been very happy with it & her as a physician. I don't know about her skill as a surgeon but I felt good about the consultation & the recommendations after. Good luck!

Sagging jaw & plastic surgery

April 2007

I am a 55-year-old female who is starting to notice her age. I don't mind my incipient crows feet, which I think are kind of distinguished, and the silver on top is pretty, but I do dislike the sagging of my formerly elegant, clear-cut jaw line. I have the impression that the only way to clean up a sagging jaw is a full-scale face lift, and I would never spend that much money for nonessential surgery. (I also hate the weird, Nancy Reagan look it gives one's eyes.) But I thought I would check anyway. Is there anything minor to be done for a sagging jaw?

No, you don't have to get a full face lift for this. It's called a neck lift and it is a very common cosmetic surgery for 50-something women. I got one last summer after thinking about it for a few years. I was very discouraged looking at my jowls and waddle in the mirror. I'm happy with it, and no one has noticed, even my friends who knew about it, but I can really tell a big difference. Yes it's surgery with all the not-so-wonderful after-affects that come along with surgery, but it was not so bad - only a small incision right beneath your chin and then one behind each ear. I'm sorry I can't remember the actual cost. I think it was more than 3K and less than 10K. It was basically a really nice new computer vs. a neck lift. No contest. I have seen a lot of good reviews of Elizabeth Lee on the BPN over the years, and that's why I went to her, and was very pleased. If you go in and talk to her, she will give you the exact cost on a printout. If you want, you can ask her for the phone number of her patient who had a neck lift on in July and I will be happy to talk to you about it! 50-something waddle-less wonder

Don't like my jowls, loose skin, and wrinkles

Oct 2005

OK, I probably don't need a face lift yet..I'm 48 and I don't like my jowels, wrinkles, and loose skin. What can I do? Is there a ''minor'' lift procedure out there? thanks

I have also been in the market for something that will lift my face back up to where it was a few years back but aren't ready for a regular facelift. My co-worker has been raving about Dr. Elizabeth Lee in Berkeley who did her necklift recently. (She looks great!) I recently went to her to see if she could help me and I am booked for surgery! There is this new procedure called the ''Contour Threadlift'' that is perfect for a more subtle lift and leaves no visible scars. You can do face, brow, and/ or neck. At this point I am only doing the facelift. Even if this isn't procedure isn't right for you, I stll recommend meeting with Dr. Elizabeth Lee. She offered me lots of options and was very knowledgable and patient. anon
I just heard Dr. Elizabeth Lee speak this morning about minor face lift procedures. She is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Berkeley, really seems to know her field, and is very compassionate and funny! (510) 704-2170 Julie
You should definitely consult Elizabeth Lee, MD. She is a great plastic surgeon in Berkeley and offers a variety of treatments/services. She would definitely know how to you want with the least invasive treatment. Everyone I know who has gone to her is very happy with both the results and her kind nature. Maureen
See the above post about skin care and Dr. Elizabeth Lee. If the skin care line doesn't work the way you want, she has alot of other services including mini facials, threading, that look interesting. I'm just on the skin care line and love it. I'm putting off the lift. I would trust her completely. She and her staff and great. I enjoy seeing them because they are fun and know what they are doing. 510.704.2170 Dr. Elisabeth Lee happy with my skin
Try microcurrent facial rejuvenation or facial acupuncture; both help your body promote production of collagen and elastin.
There actually is a new procedure out there for lifting skin without major surgery. It is called the Contour Thread Lift. I recently took the course to do this procedure, because my patients were interested in the ''thread lift.'' I should say that I am a plastic surgeon, and it really made no sense that a bunch of threads could achieve the results of a full surgical facelift. I will admit that my purpose in taking the course was to be able to intelligently explain to my patients why it was a ridiculous procedure to do. However, I was proven wrong. What was shown on The Today Show and Oprah left out some key clinical steps which was why I was skeptical. This procedure does work, has tiny incisions in the hair bearing scalp and serves a key function in rejuvenating the face. It is a fabulous procedure for patients who have some facial aging and sagging, but not enough to really justify the expense and recovery of a traditional facelift.

The threadlift is done in the operating room, under local anesthesia in about one hour. The recovery is much quicker than for a full facelift too.

Not everyone is an appropriate candidate for this procedure. If you really need a facelift, this will not be enough. I wanted to let you know that you do have options.

Local Plastic Surgeon

Weekend Face Lift?

April 2004

I've heard about a type of facelift sometimes called a ''weekend facelift'' or a ''mini-facelift'', which is much less invasive than a full facelift. Has anyone had one? Can you shed any light on whether it was worth it, and would you recommend your plastic surgeon? Thanks! Droopy

Dear Droopy:

The weekend facelift is a procedure where large stitches are put into the cheek through very small incisions and then run up to the temple to lift the cheek. While this is very minimal surgery, it also, unfortunately provides minimal duration of results, because the suture is not strong enough to permanently overcome the drooping of the face caused by gravity over a long period of time. More permanent correction requires more significant procedures.

That having been said, not all elements of facial aging require full facelifts. Changes can be made in both the appearance and health of the skin with skin care, wrinkles can be improved with fillers such as Collagen or Restylane (a new product which is non animal derived) and or Botox. All of these options are non- surgical and can be done at lunchtime. It is also now possible to address specific areas of the face, such as the jowls and neck, without doing a full facelift. While this necklift procedure is surgical, it has a much speedier recovery than a facelift.

As a plastic surgeon familiar with all of the options, including the weekend facelift, I honestly do not recommend a procedure, even if it is minimally invasive, which does not offer good, longlasting results. Don't give up hope though, lots of great changes can be made without aggressive surgery, depending on what your individual concerns and needs are. The best way to explore your options is to meet in consultation with a plastic surgeon who can offer you the full range of treatment options. I hope this helps

Local Plastic Surgeon

Forehead Lift

April 2003

I have an expressive face. This means that I have laugh lines which I'm okay with, but I also have a forehead full of lines which I notice often. They make me look tired when I am not, and look older than I am. I also have a deeply defined mark in the middle of my eyes like my father, and it is only going to get worse, as I'm only in my 30s now. I am seriously considering getting a forehead lift.

I was hoping to hear from anyone who has had this plastic surgery operation and would be willing to share their experience.
- Are you happy that you did it and pleased with the results?
- If not, what would you have done differently?
- If you had a great doctor and experience would you give the docotr's name and city?
- Did the surgery deliver what you expected?
- How long was recovery, how much was the operation? Thanks very much. Anon

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