Chin lift

Hi, I’ve looked through the archives but don’t see anything specifically addressing this. Older mom (senior citizen now, actually) seeking consultation & hopefully procedure for a gross double chin. Has anyone had this done?  How are the results?  Do you recommend your doctor, and who performed the surgery?  Looking for surgical procedure, not the non-surgical options. By chance, anyone had this done at Kaiser cosmetic surgery?  Thanks so much for any recommendations, description, info about cost & the procedure itself, etc.  Looking ahead for after COVID. Thanks so much. 

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I have just started this process myself and here is what I have learned so far, in case it helps. Surgeons charge anywhere from $50 to $200 for a 30–40 minute consultation. Those who operate at hospitals that are not doing elective surgeries now (CPMC in SF, for example) are not making appointments for surgical consultations. Doctors who do procedures at a freestanding surgical clinics are still doing surgeries, so you can consult with them. I have had one consultation so far (not Kaiser) and was quoted $20k for a mini-facelift (neck and jawline).