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Sept 2009

Re: Dermatologist & Plastic Surgeon for acne scars and moles
I posted a couple of weeks ago about removing a mole from my lip; I was trying to decide between having it done by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. I'm glad you're going with a plastic surgeon to remove moles on your face--any scarring will be minimized.

I ended up having my mole removed by Dr. Elizabeth Lee in Berkeley (http://www.artfulsurgery.com/pages/home/index.html) since she was recommended on BPN. I have been very pleased so far with the results. The only physical reminder of my surgery is another line in my lip (it's still red and recovering) but the dermatologist would have left an obvious scar by shaving off the mole rather than doing a clean surgical excision of the mole. I found Dr. Lee to be very down to earth, warm and friendly, and a straight shooter--I highly recommend her. anon

May 2009

Re: Insurance/cost/surgeon for a breast reduction/lift?
I had breast reduction surgery in Feb of 2007. My procedure was covered by insurance - the insurance companies have specific requirements, and my doctor spent a lot of time on the phone convincing them that I met the requirements. I can highly recommend Dr. Elizabeth Lee, 510-704-2170, on Regent St in Berkeley. I had a flawless experience, starting with my consultation with her all the way to my post-op visits. I have almost no scarring, I was back to my exercise routine in 2 weeks, and I couldn't be happier. I would ask Dr. Lee about specific costs, and when you meet with her, she can gauge the likelihood of insurance coverage. smaller and happier

Sept 2008

Re: Health insurance and breast reduction surgery
I am responding to your post about breast reduction surgery and health insurance. in January 2007 I had a reduction performed by Elizabeth Lee. She is fantastic and I highly recommend her. Her office is in Berkeley, 510-704-2170.

My procedure was covered by insurance - Blue Cross PPO. Apparently it's all about charts and weight - the Dr. will write up a letter of medical necessity (I had back pain and shoulder pain). She includes an estimate of the amount of tissue she thinks she will remove. Then the insurance company checks your measurments against their standards in order to decide whether to authorize the procedure. Blue Cross rejected me at first, and Elizabeth called them and talked to them for a bit, explaining that yes, I am tall, but that didn't mean that I could lug around extra weight. Anyway, long story short is that they finally agreed to authorize the procedure and did pay out. If you are really large, and want to get significantly smaller, the likelihood is higher that insurance will pay. It's kind of a miracle that Dr. Lee convinced Blue Cross in my case, as I am 5' 10'' and was a 34FF. I am now a 34C and couldn't be happier.

I really strongly recommend Dr. Lee. You can call her for a consult - it is $150, but applied to anything you do going forward. She is a v ery skilled surgeon, and almost as important, she is really focussed on understanding what it is that you want, and giving you honest feedback about what she can do. My surgery was fantastically uncomplicated - I was back in yoga and other forms of exercise in 2 weeks, my scars are very minimal. A success story

July 2008

Re: Considering having a breast lift
I would like to recommend Dr. Elizabeth Lee. I had a breast reduction in Feb 2007 and it has changed my life. My scarring is nearly invisible, and I'm sure the scarring from a lift would be even less. My recovery was very fast - back in the gym after 2 weeks. From my first consult I knew that I would use Dr. Lee because in addition to her fine surgical skills, she really works with you to understand exactly what you want. Her pre- and post-surgical care is very thorough and thoughtful - there were no surprises and I felt cared for and supported every step of the way. While a lift is a different procedure than a reduction, I have every confidence that Dr. Lee would do an equally fantastic job - I've heard that Dr. Lee performs lifts with very small incisions. Dr. Lee is located on Regent Street in Berkeley. Her number is 510-704-2170. Couldn't be happier

March 2008

Re: Finally thinking seriously about breast reduction
I had a breast reduction in February 2007 (34FF to 34C). My surgeon was Dr. Elizabeth Lee. I had the surgery on a Friday, and was ready to go back to work the following Monday (Dr. Lee said no!). I begged her to let me return on Weds (she said ok, 1/2 day). I took no narcotics, and I was back in yoga after 2 weeks. Of course there was some discomfort (the first 2-3 nights I slept on my back), but the worst of it was over by about the 4th day. I had minimal swelling, and many of my scars, after one year, are almost invisible. The only thing I was really limited in was driving for the first week or so, due to the seat belt crossing over my chest. Dr. Lee was incredible, her office runs like clockwork. She is highly professional and at the same time comforting and reassuring. She spends a lot of time talking to you about what you think you want, and can tell you accurately what she thinks she can do. I had no surprises. You can reach her at 510-704-2170 - she is located on Regent Street in Berkeley. anonymous (and very happy)

Jan 2008

I am considering seeing Dr. Lee for laser hair reduction. Most of the postings are a few years old. Does anyone have any new experiences to share. So far, she comes highly recommended, but just wanted to know of any recent experiences with her and her office regarding laser hair reduction. anon

Dr. Lee is amazing. She has a wonderful personality and is also a great doctor and surgeon. I have always had very positive experiences with her. The laser hair removal treatments in her office are the latest technology and the end results are fabulous. You can't go wrong here! M. R.

Mt sis-in-law sees Dr. Lee and is happy with her. She does come highly recommended. I went in for a visit or 2 to have some precancerous lesions frozen off. Her marketing is high powered, for sure, and she made it known that she has been published several times. I ended up seeing Adam Wallach in Danville from then on and was quite happy -- very professional, low key, but tasteful and discreet. Good luck! Not Just Another Pretty Face

I just wanted to respond to a poster who had some negative things to say about Dr. Lee. This doesn't sound like the Dr. Lee that I know AT ALL!! She recommended products to me, but she never pushed. Her personality and bedside manner not only put me at ease (because the idea of surgery freaked me out!), but I looked forward to our follow-up appointments. She made plenty of time for our appointments, never rushing me. She also enjoyed having my then 1.5 year old daughter come to the appointments with me. I ran into Dr. Lee recently at the store, and my daughter(who doesn't like to be touched) ran right up and hugged her, and this is 3 years later!! I mentioned to Dr. Lee that I recently developed a problem with my scar, and she told me to just come to her office and she'll fix it! Oh, I am also very satisfied with the outcome of the surgery. The nurses at the Surgery Center all told me that they love working with her and that she does the best work! I would recommend at least having a consultation with her and deciding for yourself. D.M.

Oct 2006

Re: What's it like to get breast reduction surgery?
I had breast reduction surgery in June 2006 with Dr. Elizabeth Lee in Berkeley (http://www.artfulsurgery.com). It's something I had been contemplating for a long time and I made several consultation appointments. However, Dr. Lee was the first I went to -- and I liked her so much, that I cancelled all my other consulations. She is absolutely fabulous, attentive, and easy to talk to. She listens to exactly what you want and gives you objective advice without any pressure. I had my breast reduction surgery, along with a tummy tuck, so my recovery was a little big more intensive than just a breast reduction would be. However, one thing I can tell you -- is that in comparison to my tummy, my breast recovery was easy. The first three or four days are the worst, but I started feeling like myself again after two and a half weeks. I was prescribed a narcotic (vicodin) for the pain -- but really only used it for that first three or four days. Otherwise, bed rest, NSAIDs, and close follow-up allowed me to heal. I'm now four months post-op and couldn't be happier with the results. I'd be happy to discuss any other details with you. If you're interested...email me! Totally happy with my smaller girls!

May 2006

Re: Recent breast reduction?
In the last year I recently had a breast reduction with Dr. Elizabeth Lee in Berkeley. She is great! Perhaps you couldn't find more recommendations on other doctors is because she is so very good and many people go to her. I know she does both surgeries. She has a wonderful, generous heart and very well trained. Go see her. Her web site is www.artfulsurgery.com happy with smaller and perkier girls

Dec 2005

Re: Breast Reduction & Price of Surgery
I went to Dr. Elizabeth Lee in Berkeley to have a breast reduction and lift. The price you quoted in your post is about right. I could have had my surgery covered 100% if I went with a doctor from my medical group. But after meeting two of them and seeing their work, I decided that if I was going to do it I needed to feel confident in my surgeon. I am so happy with the results. Go see her. She's great, caring, fun and has a great staff. www.artfulsurgery.com 510.704.2170 light and sassy

Oct 2005

Re: Cosmetic Dermatologist for Sun Damage
For wrinkles and sundamage go see Dr. Elizabeth Slass Lee in Berkeley and get on the ''Obaji Nuderm'' system! It is prescription only system (must be why it works) that has totally transformed my skin from crepe-like and spotty to smooth and soft. I originally went to her for a peel and she suggested I try the skincare first. My skin looks so good I haven't even bothered with the peel. I have never in my life received so many compliments on my skin. When I can afford it I am going back to her for this laser treatment which helps to stimulates collagen production. Hope this helps!

Re: Cosmetic Dermatologist for Sun Damage (October 2005)
I too had sun damage from living in SO. Cal. all my younger life. I just started using a great product, that I really like from Dr. Elizabeth Lee. She is a surgeon, but also does skin rejuvenation, lasers etc. I like the program I'm on and it feels good to have someone monitering my progress and her understanding and friendly manner are very encouraging. It's the Obagi skin care line. It costs a little more that what I was doing, but it's worth to know what I'm doing is working. Truely, a little goes a long way. I was so tired of trying other things at the beauty counters and even facialists. This works. Her number is 510.704.2170. 2999 Regent St suite 401. Good luck.
like my skin now

Re: Serious Skin Care Advice Needed! (Feb 2005)
A year and a half ago I sought the same advice on Berkeley Parents. I had sun damage, redness, acne scars, and continuing acne flareups. I ended up visiting Dr. Elizabeth Lee in Berkeley, and starting the Obagi Nu Derm prescription skin care regimen. I cannot believe the difference it has made. I went to her wanting a laser peel and now I don't need one. I just religiously use these products. My skin looks beautiful and friends are always asking what I've done. My husband, who is generally skeptical about ''beauty products,'' says I look ten years younger. I agree. joyful

June 2003

Re: Tummy Tuck
I had a ''tummy tuck'' about 6 months ago. Dr. Elizabeth Lee was my surgeon and I couldn't recommend her more highly - she's great.

She was very thorough in answering all my questions and telling me what the procedure entailed prior to the surgery, and has followed up post-operatively very conscientiously. I too had lots of excess skin and many many stretch marks, due to my two ten pound babies two years apart. No amount of exercise or dieting was going to fix these problems. No clothes fit me properly because my figure was so out of proportion. I also decided that I didn't want to look matronly at 40 if I could help it.

It is major surgery, and it will take some time to recuperate. However, I had my surgery on November 16, and I finished painting my kitchen before Thanksgiving (although I'm sure Dr. Lee would not have approved had she known).

Six months out the scar is fading quickly and, if I do say so myself, my waist looks fabulous. Our house is currently being remodeled and I can work next to the tradesmen and keep up with them. In fact, I think my abdomen is much stronger than before because the separation between my abdominal muscles around my belly button has been repaired. Also, Dr. Lee gave me an ''inny'' belly button - something I never had but always wanted.

Dr. Lee's phone number is 510-704-2170. She's on Regent Street in Berkeley near Alta Bates. Good Luck!

Re: Tummy Tuck (June 2003)
I highly recommend my surgeon, Dr. Elizabeth Slass Lee. She did a wonderful job and her bedside manner is excellent. She spends lots of time with me at each appointment, answers all of my questions thoroughly and makes me feel like my health is her top priority. Here's her contact information: Dr. Elizabeth Lee, 2999 Regent Street, Suite 401, Berkeley, CA 94705, 510-704- 2170. She has a website at www.artfulsurgery.com. If you want to talk more about my experience with the procedure, the recovery or Dr. Lee, email me with your telephone number. I'd be happy to call you. KandD

Re: Breast Augmentation (June 2003)
Though I have recently had just the reverse operation (breast reduction), I'd like to second the recoomendations for Dr. Elizabeth Lee. She's a gifted surgeon and doctor, and I'm extermely happy not only with the results - but also with the process. Dr. Lee does magic with her hands, and has that rare gift of really listening to what the patient has to say. She has been tremendously supportive and accessible. For me that meant that she listened to what I had to say about my desired breast size; a common complaint among breast reduction patients is that their breasts were still too large post-op. She's on Regent's St. in Berkeley across from Alta Bates. Phone # 704-2170. Or check her website at http://www.esleemd.medem.com/

Re: Finished having kids, seriously considering breast reduction (March 2003)
Elizabeth Lee, M.D. in Berkeley is an excellent general plastic surgeon who also happens to have a sub-specialty in hand surgery. While I have not had breast reduction surgery (likely, I need breast enlargement), she sewed up some nasty lacerations on three of my fingers because my hand went (accidentally) through a window. The cuts were deep and my fingers are, essentially, scarless and fully functioning. She did a skin graft with my own skin, and the work is gorgeous. I think that she is an artist of sorts, and so she might be a good place to start re: cosmetic surgery consults. She is also highly thought of in the medical community. G Happy with the results

Re: Finished having kids, seriously considering breast reduction (March 2003)
I don't know if anyone has yet mentioned Dr. Elizabeth Lee. She's on Regent Street in Berkeley near Alta Bates. She's a plastic and reconstructive surgeon and I know she does lots of breast reduction surgeries. She did my abdominoplasty and it went extremely well (and looks great!). She's very personable and is also an excellent, highly-trained surgeon. I highly recommend her. Julie