Older age; facial plastic surgery?

Hi all,

I’m curious to hear the experiences of (local) people who may have had facial plastic surgery at an older age.  Have you had “work done”?  Which procedure(s)?  Who did your work, what was the cost and how much recovery time.  Do you wish you had done this at a younger age?  Appreciate any thoughts & experiences you can share, Older Mama

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i had a mid-face facelift in my late 50’s. Wish I had done it much sooner but I was afraid of sending wrong “message” to teenage daughter.

i did extensive research and many consultations and sadly picked the wrong doctor. It is not bad - just not as good as it should be.

Things I learned: 1) do full face if you can. 2)there are no guarantees you will like it (mine changed my face shape so I am not as pretty-fewer wrinkles, just not as pretty) 3) unless you do your eyes too, you won’t look 10 years younger 4) your doctor will likely not admit there is any fault with his work even though they all promise to “work with you.”  So really, just be aware. My sister got an amazing facelift. There’s just no guarantee.