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  • Swimming Lessons

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    Has anyone had any luck finding swimming lesson openings in the east bay? Any recommendations? Thanks! 

    I suggest trying Patti's Swim School in Castro Valley. It's been worth the drive (from Berkeley) for my family. Not sure what current availability looks like but they do a fantastic job teaching kids to swim!

    Our kids go to Aquatech in Concord. It's about $25 a lesson and has been great so far. Wasn't an issue getting them in. There's a waitlist but it goes very fast.

    The Hills Swim & Tennis Club in Oakland, off Skyline, does lessons for non-members starting in September - https://hills.caclubs.com/aquatics/private-lessons. We are members and have been very happy with the instruction our child has gotten in the past.

    We tried a number of swim schools, and by far had the best experience at Ohana up in the Oakland Hills. I know they are open and teaching, but don’t know about their availability.

    Big fans of Ohana swimming, off Redwood Road. Pack a lot into 30 min lesson, also have private options. Was recommended by family friends, my son enjoyed it.

    We found openings for private lessons at Strawberry Canyon Pool (UC Berkeley). Sadly our experience was sub-par. We had a different instructor almost every week, zero communication between instructors, no apparent curriculum, and a general lack of professionalism. We spoke with both the coordinator and the program director but nothing changed. We won't be going back.

    I wish you luck in finding a top-notch program. 

  • We are looking for a swim teacher for our almost-six-year-old and a few of his friends. We have a pool in El Cerrito and would love to have the teacher come here to teach the kids to swim.

    We want to find someone who isn't just a great swimmer, but someone who knows how to teach young children, to make it enjoyable, fun, and safe.

    Please feel free to make any recommendations. Thank you in advance!

    We did private swim lessons last summer, due to the pandemic. We had a great experience with: 

    Lisa Jablonski Clark, mzjablonski85 [at] gmail.com She traveled to us with age appropriate toys, the lessons had a progression in terms of gaining skills and her communication with us was great.

    HI! I have the perfect fit for you!  Contact Amy Bookout.  She is a certified swim instructor with over 30 years experience. She has worked with my kids and was terrific! An added bonus- when she isn't teaching swimming in the summers, she is teaching first grade so knows all about getting kids to buy in and feel safe and successful. I have also seen her work with adults who fear the water so she has a great patience and compassion. Contact: amybookout1 [at] yahoo.com or phone 510-303-5598

  • Anywhere open for beginner swim lessons?

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    Hi all,

    We'd like our twin six-year-olds to learn how to swim. Does anyone know if there's a place near Berkeley that is (or might soon be) open for swim lessons? 



    Water safety is an important investment!

    I took my 4-year old to a 2 week-intensive at the Harriet Plummer swim school in Lafayette, and later that summer when he fell into a remote lake, just out of arms reach, he used his new-found skills to avoid disaster until we could pull him out.

    We had a good experience closer to home with lessons through the City of Berkeley Aquatics program at King Pool. It looks like they're open for swimming, though I don't see lessons listed yet. 

    It's not in Berkeley but Alameda Aquatech is open.

  • We've tried ALL the swim classes in the East Bay. My kid loves being the water but learns nothing. Why is it so hard to find swim classes with good quality instruction? Where can we go to just let him play? Is it possible for a kid to be TOO comfortable in the water? 

    I'll admit that my kid is Not the best student in the pool... He gets a little overstimulated and hyper, just wants to play, and spends most of the time bobbing under the surface where he can't hear instructions. He seems strong in the water but uncoordinated. To be clear, we're not trying to create an Olympic swimmer here. But it's a waste of time and money if he's not making progress. Better to just let him splash around! 

    We've tried classes at the Berkeley Y, EBRPD's Roberts Pool, Emeryville Parks and Rec, Aquatech, Ohana, and Strawberry Canyon. No matter how small the class, the instruction generally seems lackadaisical. Enrolling is a crapshoot because you never know which instructor you'll get. For us, the most successful class was Noodle Ball at Cal Rec. Every swim school has their own levels. (Does "Otter" mean he's learning to blow bubbles or learning the butterfly?!) In our experience, there are few private instructors who can articulate what exactly a child needs to do to move on to the next level. Haven't yet tried Temescal Pool or OPR classes b/c their summer sked is limited and not friendly to working parents. This is all so much harder with all the public pools closed right now...

    So I have two questions: 

    First: Where can we find good quality instruction? Should I be looking for an American Red Cross program? Should we just shell out for private lessons? Does he need to join a swim team to refine his stroke? I don't think he's ready for that... Do we have to drive through the tunnel to find a good swim teacher? 

    Second: Where can he just swim and play with other kids? Get all that energy out and swim for the fun of it? We'd love to join a swim club but can't afford it. 

    Thanks and happy swimming!

    It's not currently open due to covid but my family LOVED Canyon Swim School in El Sobrante: http://www.canyonswimschool.com/

    Super attentive teachers, small classes, well-run, WARM water ! Lots of places for parents & sibs to hang out while class is in session. 

    Good luck!

    My daughter took swim lessons at the El Cerrito Pool from the age of 4.5 until about age 10 or 11. Due to my limited time and resources, I signed her up for only 1 or 2 sessions per year, and the rest of the year (literally every weekend), we went to the open swim hours where she splashed around with her friends, and all on her own practiced what she had learned in the swim classes. Due to the pandemic your child won't be able to splash around with other kids, anywhere, but keep the El Cerrito swim center in mind for future reference, http://el-cerrito.org/150/Swim-Center

    Our son made the most progress in terms of skills at Sherman Swim School in Lafayette. So yes, you might need to drive thru the tunnel, to where they take swimming quite seriously :) That being said, the lessons at Sherman were super fun! They were just focused. They only do private or semi-private lessons, so there isn't much time for goofing off. And depending on where you live (and time of day), it's just as far to Alameda as to Lafayette... As for your son's approach to lessons, that's on you a little bit (sorry to say)... Of course a quality instructor will help (and private or semi-private lessons with attention on him almost all the time), but don't forget to set firm expectations for listening, etc - just as if he were in a classroom! Maybe set up a reward system for being a good listener and following all the instructions?

    I also appreciate that you broke your question into 2 parts, because I think it's important that kids learn to swim properly, with strokes like freestyle, etc. but ALSO have free, unstructured pool time, and there is a definite lack of that opportunity in the bay area! (and I'm referring to pre-covid days, of course)

    i will say we tried tons of lessons (small group, big group) and both my kids learned very little (and were occ'l traumatized). we finally just shelled out the money for 1:1 swim lessons at the YMCA and both my kids also got a monetary prize if they could learn to swim 50 yards (we had an incentive of safety in the place we were about to visit with water). I explained carefully to each teacher what my kids issues were (one a bit on the spectrum and couldn't figure out how to imitate what someone else was doing with their body unless it was broken down into small concrete spelled out steps, the other with anxiety) and they addressed those. we figured out which teachers worked for them and within a few (3-6) months of weekly lessons (probably cost total of $3000), they were both able to swim safely. neither is a graceful powerful swimmer but they can swim safely in ocean and pool. felt worth it for a lifelong skill. 

    Join the city swim team this summer (I was unclear what city you live in). In Oakland, several city pools have swim teams. It takes some time - there's daily practices in late afternoon and weekend meets. They're pretty flexible about how many practices your kid attends and a minimal number of meets. I was never a big fan of the meets - you sit for hours waiting for a race that lasts less than a minute. But kids learn to swim because they just swim laps together, practicing different strokes. I think the requirement to join is usually just that they can swim the length of the pool, any stroke. A couple of years ago it was $40/summer.

    I suggest you sign him up for a summer swim team. If you find one that is low key enough, the kids don’t even have to do meets, they can just go to practice, although our family found the meets to be fun because all our kids were in one place.

    Practicing everyday all summer turns kids into strong swimmers and I think it’s cheaper than lessons when you average it out. I don’t know what is happening with covid, but Oakland Rec runs some swim teams that are fun and won’t break the bank. Or you can go through the tunnel to OPP or something.

  • My kiddos are 5 & 7 and both have a terrible fear of dunking their heads under water. We've tried a few swim classes over the years but they both get really worked up about the part of swimming where they need to get under the water (i believe my youngest learned this behavior/fear from her older brother). I love swimming as does their father, but unfortunately we didnt expose them to swimming enough when they were babies so now we have fearful swimmers. On the bright side, they both love being in pools and in the ocean just as long as they have a floatie or an adult to swim with. 

    I'd love some fresh recommendations for swim instructors that can work some serious magic with sensitive kids like these. Instructors that are truly invested in the individual and will move at their pace. I realize we may have to do some private sessions for a while to get them over their fears before they go back to group classes. We've tried so many instructors and most of them just bulldoze over my kids' sensitivities and more or less force them to do exercises rather than figure out how to get them comfortable and enjoying the water.

    Thanks for your help!

    -Mermaid mama 

    It worked for my daughter to practice in the bathtub, and when she got good at that, at recreational swim with me, then try lessons. It is good that they like pools, that will help a lot. Go to the El Cerrito pool for recreational swim, because floaties are not allowed, so they won't have that option to fall back on.

    We had a great experience with Sherman Swim School in Lafayette. They only do private lessons, but they're only 15-20 min (2x/week) so they're reasonably priced, for private lessons. And to be honest, that's about all a little kid can handle as far as attention span, etc. It's good bang for your buck. My son was also fearful about putting his head underwater and they were GREAT about taking things at his pace and making it fun. He LOVED his teacher (Tiffany) but there were other great teachers there too. We're headed back this Summer for more lessons. We live in Oakland and elect to go through the tunnel to Lafayette for the warmer weather and an outdoor (but tented/shady) pool. The distance is the same, time-wise, to something like Aquatech in Alameda anyway. Best of luck!

    Have you heard of Debbie's swim school? They teach private lessons for swimmers with aquaphobia. My son had a very bad experience with group swimming after he turned 3 since I wasn't allowed in the pool with him anymore and he refuse the pool for a year. We found Debbie's swim school and has been loving them. They do work at your child's pace and understand that it takes time. They are kind of further in Benicia and Fairfield, but it's worth it for us. You can check them out here http://www.debbiesswimschool.com/

    AquaTech!  They have a method that is followed by all instructors, so it is very consistent regardless of which instructor you get.  They are very patient, friendly and have somehow engaged all 3 of my kids (7yo, 5yo, 3yo) to put their heads in.  Once we switched from Albany Aquatic Center (where they would leave swim lessons with their top half dry, no joke), I was shocked to look over during swim lessons and see my, at the time 6yo & 4yo dunking their heads under water while they waited for their turn with the instructor.  These are kids who would not even put their ears in.  Added bonus is they have a great cancellation policy (day-of before 9am) and allow for make-up classes.  Nothing worse than paying for classes that your kids miss!  People have said they have probs online with waitlists -- I just called in and had no problem getting a day/time for all 3 kids.  We live in Bkly and the drive over after school is very easy.

    Canyon Swim School in El Sobrante.  We live in Berkeley and it's a trek for a 30 minute lesson, but we found it worthwhile.  Depending on the route, we can normally make it in about 20 minutes.  Both my children were extremely fearful of the water.  My husband and I also love being in the water, and were kicking ourselves for not being more consistent about exposing them to it at an early age.  They loved being the water...as long as their faces/eyes didn't get wet!  Even baths required making sure their eyes were dry.  One of my children is very cautious, and hesitant to try anything new or that be perceives as high-risk (usually means something he doesn't know how to do).  Numerous other parents suggested Canyon Swim School and initially, I was a bit doubtful because Canyon suggested group lessons before discussing the possibility or private lessons.  To my amazement, group lessons were great. They have mostly high school kids teaching lessons, which I think the kids enjoyed more than working with an adult.  I was surprised that the group aspect was actually fun and relaxing for them than one-on-one.  They don't pressure the kids and start with things like, games and blowing bubbles in the water.  30 minutes is actually the perfect amount of time - just enough time to work on a few skills in a fun way but not long enough that they start to get bored or drag their feet about going to lessons.  A bonus is the heated pool.  No more complaining about being too cold in the pool!  I can't say that my kids have turned into water loving fishes but they are definitely progressing (very slowly).  And for me, that's fine.  As long as they are progressing and having a positive experience with learning to swim, I'm happy.  We spent all last summer repeatedly taking Beginner 1.  This summer is all about Beginner 2. Some kids breeze through the levels, mine repeat them at least 3 times.  And it's fine, no one at the school blinks an eye or makes my child feel like a failure.  While there are a lot of teachers at Canyon, their methods are fairly consistent.  We have yet to repeat an instructor and from watching lessons, the instructors are all well trained and consciously try to keep the experience positive for the child.  The downsides are that Canyon only offers lessons during the summertime and they fill up quickly.  The office tries to schedule sibling classes at the same time or back-to-back if possible, which I appreciate.  The parking can be a headache, and I've learned that timing is key because there are consistent waves of cars leaving/arriving to park as lessons are finished.  You can always find parking along San Pablo Dam road, but it's a farther and sometimes a bit hair-raising walk along the road because cars zip by quickly.  I'd suggest purchasing a well fitting pair of googles for them after lessons have started, this helped our kids get over putting their heads under water.  Good luck!  

  • Any recommendations for group swim classes after school for a 5, 6, and 8 year-old?  Thank you.

    Lots of options!  Depends on where you live. Downtown Berkeley YMCA has many classes my son has enjoyed.  I know lots of kids who like the classes at Albany Pool at Albany High School. It's indoor like the Y which is great. BUT you have to sign up early, they fill quickly -check the City of Albany website for info. Also Canyon Swim School in El Sobrante is really nice, it's outdoor but heated and very warm. Not very convenient to get to if you're coming from Oakland or Berkeley in traffic though..

  • Hi all,

    Is there anyplace in the East Bay that offers swimming lessons for kids, once a week, NOT on the weekend?  My kids are 7 and 4, beginning level swimmers, and they both LOVE the water--they're super enthusiastic anytime we go to an open swim session.  They've taken swim classes a few times over the years, but never consistently; we did Saturday lessons for a while, but ended up having too many time conflicts with birthday parties, playdates, extended family events, etc. 

    Every place I've looked, classes during the week meet a minimum of 2 days/week, and once-a-week classes are limited to Saturdays.  I've looked at many different facilities, in Oakland, Berkeley, Albany, and El Cerrito (we live in North Oakland).  I work full-time, so schlepping to swim class 2 nights a week (or more!) after a long day at school and work just feels like too much for all of us, but one weeknight would be workable. I know swimming is an important safety skill, and my kids are just so happy whenever they're in the water, so I'm hoping to find something that will work!

    Thanks in advance for your recommendations :)

    Aquatech in Alameda runs swimming lessons M-F. They have a lot of time slots from morning to late in the evening. We have been going there for almost 3 years and our daughter has learned a lot. The facility is clean and the teachers are great. You can choose to go there once a week and you are also to do makeups if you cancel on time. 

    Aquatech in Alameda has once a week classes. That's what we do. Terrific place, great staff. You might have to be on a wait list for a while if you have preferred times and days. 

    Tim Oliver Swimming off the Redwood Heights exit of Hwy. 13. They have classes in the afternoons/evening during the week and you can choose to go 1x/week (both my kids do). We having been going for years, my kids love it, and the teachers are great. They are also very flexible about cancellations/make-ups. 100% recommend!

    Hi! Have you checked out your local YMCA?  We take swim lessons at the one in Pleasant Hill and they have a very flexible schedule - both morning/afternoon/early evening and during the week as well as on weekends.  One of my friends even set up a separate schedule with our location because none of the other classes would work with his schedule.  Maybe ask and see what they can do for you?

    good luck!!

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Best youth swimming classes in North Berkeley/Albany?

April 2012

I'm seeking feedback and recommendations for youth swimming lessons at the Berkeley YMCA, King Pool on Hopkins, and the new Albany City Pool. My son has been slowly working his way through the swimming lessons at the Berkeley Y and, while he likes swimming and wants to keep going, I think we're all getting a bit bored with the Y. If you have experience with one or more of the swimming programs in the N. Berkeley and Albany area and can compare them, I'd love to hear your thoughts. The current recommendations online are rather old. We value small class sizes, engaged and skillful instructors, and a warm pool! mom of a swimmer

My kids have had lessons at the Berkeley Y and at King pool. I think King is better because the classes are 4 days a week, instead of twice a week at the Y. It's the repetition that teaches them how to swim. At King, some of the teachers are great, and some are not. Since the lessons at King are only half an hour long, some people sign up for two consecutive classes a day. I also know a lot of people who love a place called Canyon for swimming lessons. Maybe it's in El Sobronte? Mom of one great swimmer, and one not so great

We got our kids semi-private lessons at Strawberry Pool 3 summers in a row & now they are absolutely strong, confident swimmers. Strawberry Canyon Pool is UC and the parking is brutal. The instructors are worth it. Swimming is important!

Two new Albany pools just opened in February - and swim lessons are underway. The pools are next to Albany High School at 1311 Portland Ave at Key Route, and are shared by the HS and the community. Check on the availability of swim lessons for all ages from babies to seniors, as they fill fast. I know people who have enjoyed Albany swim lessons in the past, and the current swimmers seem very happy.

The pools (yes - TWO pools, one indoors and warm, the other outdoors and olympic size) are amazingly wonderful. The pools and locker rooms are clean and beautiful, and there are lots of open hours for lap swim and family swim. Check the Albany pool site for swim lessons and hours by going to the website http://www.ausdk12.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=92446=d. Happy to be back at the Albany pool

Competitive Stroke Swim Lessons for 8 year old

Jan 2011

I have been trying to find a swim coach who gives private lessons. I have an 8 year old daughter who swims on a swim team and takes group lessons at the Y but could really benefit from some one-on-one instruction in stroke technique. This person must be a current or former competitive swimmer - not just someone who has taken a Swim Lesson certification course. I would prefer someone who will get in the water with her. And they need to have access to a pool. Thanks! swim mom

Tim Oliver Swimming off Redwood Rd in Oakland. timoliverswimming.com. They are amazing. Lynne

An excellent and very experienced swim coach is Tim Oliver . He and his staff teach all of the competitive swim strokes. He is great with kids, beginners and advanced students. He offers semi and private lessons in at a private pool in the Oakland hills year round. He also has a non-competitive swim team. We are in Berkeley but it was well worth the drive to Oakland. He has the expertise to really develop a high level of swim technique even for young students. timoliverswimming [at] gmail.com ku

When my daughter was 8 she took private swim lessons from the Berkeley Y and thrived under that instruction. She now swims competitively with beautiful crawl, breast and back stroke. Karen

Swim clinic for older kids, not a swim team?

July 2010

I can't be the only one with this request...for those of us who have kids who are not swim team material but want them to be competent swimmers - what are the alternatives? Are there swim clinics that include games and freestyle swimming maybe twice a week? We just can't do the swim team but I am worried that my child won't be a competent swimmer when it gets to lake swimming or other unexpected circumstances. Shouldn't there be something like this out there? Thank you! Anon

my kids take lessons at Canyon Swim School in El Sobrante. after two summers, my son is a competent swimmer and my daughter is almost there. It is lessons, though, not play time. if you want free swim time, check out The Plunge in Point Richmond, scheduled to open in August, I think. swimmy

After-school swim lessons for 6-year-old

August 2008

looking for swim lessons appropriate for a 6 year old, after school near alameda or oakland. candace

AquaTech Swim School in Alameda has a great program. They are very organized and offer high quality instruction. They are also indoor and year round. We have our 3 kids in the program 5, 7, 10 are their ages, and they love it! The website is www.aquatechswimschool.com if you want to check it out. swim mom

You should try Tim Oliver - he is fantastic. He had my daughter swimming in the first couple lessons. Everyone i know raves about him. He is very patient and calm. His pool is fabulous-warm and uses an ozone system instead of chlorine (great for those of us who have ecxema problems). For those of you looking at the archives he used to be at the piedmont swim club. His pool is off redwood road on campus drive. Email timoliverswimming [at] gmail.com or phone 510)759-2782. andrea

Saturday swim lessons for 6-y-o -Lamorinda

July 2004

We have been fruitlessly trying to arrange private swim lessons since May for our just about 6 year old and have come up short. We have been having a terrible experience trying to arrange this through the Walnut Creek YMCA (through whom she had private lessons last summer), which uses the JCC pool (our daughter is in summer camp there). Our daughter broke my heart the other day when she said she doesn't want to go in the pool during camp because she's embarrassed as she's the only one who can't swim. My husband and I both work, so Saturday lessons are the only thing that will work for us. Our daughter insists on private lessons with a female instructor. If anyone has any recommendations for anything in the Walnut Creek area (Lamorinda, WC, Pleasant Hill, Concord), I would really appreciate hearing them. I am so sad for our daughter. And it's HOT out here and I really want her to get into the water at camp if at all possible to have fun and to cool off! Thanks. Lori

I know of a really great swim school in Lafayette but I don't know if they have lessons on Saturday. Try giving them a call, Sherman Swim School (925) 283-2100. Kristin

My children learned to swim at Canyon Swim School years ago and I thought they were great. It is in El Sobrante but convenient to Orinda. I don't know their schedule now, but I think I recall that they had Saturday classes (and they do have private lessons--or at least did). You can reach them at: Canyon Swim School Fred & Bill Brown 21 Campbell Lane, El Sobrate, CA 94803 510 223-4600 Marcia

Try Harriet Plummer in Lafayette, Sherman Swim School in Lafayette, or Little Dippers in Pleasant Hill. They do private lessons, but do fillup fast. Anon

Have you tried Sherman Swim School in Lafayette.They only give private lessons and looks like a great place. anon

The Sherman Swim School in Lafayette just started Saturday lessons. They are private lessons (15 or 30 minutes) depending on the age of your daughter. They are a little pricey - but amazing! I have rec'd to many friends and all have come away saying - why didn't I do this years ago. My son learned more in two 15 minute sessions than he had in two years of other group and private lessons. He's now jumping off the diving board and swimming the length of the pool and he is only 5 - call right away as they are often booked. kwm

Swim Lessons for 6-y-o in Oakland

Apr 2004

Does anyone have any recommendations for swim lessons for a 6- year old? I would like to enroll my daughter in a swimming program this summer and want to see if there are any advice on where is the best place. We live in east Oakland, in the Diamond District and would like some place close-by if anyone knows of any program. Stephanie

Mills College offers summer swim lesson for swimmers of all ages and abilities, no college affiliation necessary. For more info call the pool at 430-2170 or visit the web site http://www.mills.edu/ATHL/pool/index.html Have a fun summer! Kristin

  • Oakland Hills Tennis Club
  • Oakland YMCA

    Other advice:

    Oakland Swim Lessons: Oakland Parks & Recreation swim lessons at Lions Pool in Diamond Park; Mills College summer swim lessons (fills up fast); Head-Royce School summer swim lessons; and East Bay Regional Park runs summer swim lesson at Roberts Pool in Roberts Park. If you live close to Oakland/San Leandro border, City of San Leandro runs swim lessons at a number of pools and only charges a few dollars more for non-San Leandro swimmers. Diane

Swim Lessons for a 1st grader

April 2003

I'm seeking information on swimming lessons for a first grader. Can someone recommend places to get Swimming Lessons, on Saturdays, in or near Berkeley. Full-time working parent with first grade daughter needs to have her daughter ''water safe''(or nearly so) by this summer, and I'm at a loss as to where to look. Does anyone have recommendations for excellent group lessons, or individual lessons. She is not particularly fearful, just needs the ''push'', and instruction. I'm not looking for information on which pools are open, but on where the actual lessons (not for a preschooler!) can be obtained. Thanks so much! Seeking Saturday Swimming

Recommendations received:

Oakland YMCA

Canyon Pool in El Sobrante has Saturday lessons during the spring. Last year spring was significantly less crowded than the summer scene. Saturday lessons start 4/12. My kids been going to Canyon for group lessons for a few years and have learned to swim well while having a good time. It takes about 15 minutes to get there from Berkeley on a Saturday AM. The instructors are experienced and the water is warm at Canyon. Albany Pool has Saturday lessons throughout the year. Some people really like their lessons, though they were a disaster for our son and I've heard similar reports from other parents. The quality of teaching varies significantly, depending on the experience of the teacher. Berkeley Y probably has Saturday lessons, never done these but have heard positive comments. swimming mom

After trying the YMCA and Albany Pool with mixed results, I finally discovered Canyon Pool Swim School, and I have been taking my elementary-aged son there for several years. Canyon is very good for older children as well as toddlers. The school is located at 21 Campbell Lane in El Sobrante, where San Pablo Dam road intersects Appian Way. Their phone number is 510-223-4600.

I would say that classes once a week, on Saturdays, is a slow way to learn how to swim. I noticed a big difference in my son's ability to swim when we went twice a week, in the evening. Canyon does offer Saturday classes, but they also have classes M/W and T/Th every half hour, as late as 6:30pm, so you might consider that as an option. The pool is heated and the instructors are fantastic. The small class size (usually 4-6 kids with 1-2 instructors) really helps the kids learn to swim.

Canyon Pool Swim School is located at 21 Campbell Lane in El Sobrante. Their phone number is 510-223-4600. The spring classes begin on April 17th. Sima