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Oakland, CA
Swimming & Water Sports
All Ages
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Jan 2011

Re: Swimming Lessons for Scaredy Cats
I can totally relate. Check into timoliverswimming.com in Oakland. Warm, quiet, calm and peaceful pool with only a handful of students at any given time. Tim and his staff work with swimmers of all levels, including special needs. I call him The Swim Whisperer! My daughter, who has some sensory issues, went from freaked out to water baby by her third lesson with him. Breaking the scaredy-swimmer cycle

Jan 2011

Re: Competitive Stroke Swim Lessons for 8 year old
Tim Oliver Swimming off Redwood Rd in Oakland. timoliverswimming.com. They are amazing. Lynne

An excellent and very experienced swim coach is Tim Oliver. He and his staff teach all of the competitive swim strokes. He is great with kids, beginners and advanced students. He offers semi and private lessons in at a private pool in the Oakland hills year round. He also has a non-competitive swim team. We are in Berkeley but it was well worth the drive to Oakland. He has the expertise to really develop a high level of swim technique even for young students. timoliverswimming [at] gmail.com ku

August 2008

Re: After-school swim lessons for 6-year-old
You should try Tim Oliver- he is fantastic. He had my daughter swimming in the first couple lessons. Everyone i know raves about him. He is very patient and calm. His pool is fabulous-warm and uses an ozone system instead of chlorine (great for those of us who have ecxema problems). For those of you looking at the archives he used to be at the piedmont swim club. His pool is off redwood road on campus drive. Email timoliverswimming [at] gmail.com or phone 510)759-2782. andrea