Swim Lessons for 4yo

Hello! I am looking for private swim lessons for my 4yo in the Berkeley/Albany area. If anyone has an recs, please let me know! She loves to swim but has never had actual lessons so she's a beginner.

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Years ago my daughter and I took group parent-child lessons with Tim Oliver.  It was great!  Not the usual, "splash-splash- sing-song".  I think they also offer private lessons.  It's in a beautiful setting, dome over the pool in the winter, and salt-water pool.  https://www.ohanaaquatics.com

RE: Swim Lessons for 4yo ()

Following this thread, as I'd love recs, too. El Cerrito Swim opened up registration to non-residents today (including private lessons), but most of the times/dates that worked for my 4-year-old were already waitlisted.

From what I can see on the website, the King and West pools via Berkeley's aquatic programs don't offer private lessons, while Albany Swim Center had discontinued lessons last time I checked (though maybe that will change).

Would love to hear about more options for private lessons in the area!