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April 2012

Re: Best swimming classes in North Berkeley/Albany?
Two new Albany pools just opened in February - and swim lessons are underway. The pools are next to Albany High School at 1311 Portland Ave at Key Route, and are shared by the HS and the community. Check on the availability of swim lessons for all ages from babies to seniors, as they fill fast. I know people who have enjoyed Albany swim lessons in the past, and the current swimmers seem very happy.

The pools (yes - TWO pools, one indoors and warm, the other outdoors and olympic size) are amazingly wonderful. The pools and locker rooms are clean and beautiful, and there are lots of open hours for lap swim and family swim. Check the Albany pool site for swim lessons and hours by going to the website Happy to be back at the Albany pool

Note: the Albany pool was closed from 2009 until Feb 2012 for reconstruction.

July 2008

Re: Baby swiming classes
The Albany High School pool has a great teacher with a great toddler class for three different ages. My son loves it. Happy swimming! Irina

April 2008

Re: Infant-parent swim class
My kids both took swim lessons at the pool at the Albany high school when they were babies and then toddlers. The lessons were really fun for them, and I do believe helped to get them used to the water. They are 4- and 6-years-old now and are both little fishes. Here is some info from a previous post on the subject: The address is 1311 Portland Ave.; their phone is 559-6440. Also see: Liz O.

Re: Pool for handicapped woman (Jan 2005)
The Albany Pool (on Portland St) has a lift into and out of the pool. They have community swim hours, but I have no idea how one arranges to use the lift. I'd suggest you look them up on the web at to find out. former Albany pool user

Re: Pool for family swim near El Cerrito, A.M. hours (June 2004)
Have you checked out the Albany Pool? It's just a few blocks south of El Cerrito on Key Route. The website is Happy Swimming

Re: Mommy and me class for 6-month-old (Sept. 2002)
We have just started at the Albany pool (near the High School) and are very happy with it. Only $5/class. The sessions are 8-weeks, but they only ask you to commit to and pay for four classes per session, so it's very flexible. Go to all 8, or as few as 4. class consists mostly of singing songs that get the kids paddling, kicking, blowing bubbles. It's offered Sat. mornings only.

Albany Pool has Parent and Tot classes for children 6 months to 4 years. I know there are classes Saturday mornings, and there may be classes at other times as well. The summer session is just about to start (if it hasn't started already). The address is 1311 Portland Ave.; their phone is 559-6440. Also see:

From: Steve

Albany Pool has a swimming class for toddlers in which most of the half hour each week is spent singing various songs together in the pool. As each child must be held by a parent, there is unfortunately not much opportunity for interaction between the children nor for unconstrained expression. Nevertheless, it can be a lot of fun for the toddlers. The class meets on Saturday mornings at 10:30, and I believe that it runs year-round, although it's much more popular in the summer. The park next to the pool has two nice playgrounds, one of which is tailored to toddlers.

I really enjoyed taking my 2 yo to Albany Pool for their infant swim classes. It really is more of a water familiarity class. Parents and babies go into the water (heated indoor pool) and the instructor leads the class in participatory songs that encourage the children to splash with their hands, kick with their feet, blow bubbles with their mouths, etc... later in the session, jumping from the side of the pool is introduced and at the end of every session is brief play time where the kids have a choice of water type toys (boats, floating stuffed toys, etc...).

My only complaint would be that the class goes really quickly (only 1/2 hour) which is plenty of time but they always seemed to have another class immediately following and I felt rushed to hurry up and get out of the water (we know the results of trying to rush a 2 yo or otherwise hurry him into doing something he doesn't want to do!) Dorothy

Re: infant class
There is infant swim on a drop-in basis several times per week at Albany Pool, including Saturday mornings. Frequent infant swim classes at the Richmond Plunge, (e.g., Tue/Thur, 6 classes/$29), contact Richmond Parks & Rec, and remember to duck and cover in case of earthquake. MLK pool in north berkeley has baby swim times summers only. David