Private Swim Teacher for 6YO at our home in El Cerrito

We are looking for a swim teacher for our almost-six-year-old and a few of his friends. We have a pool in El Cerrito and would love to have the teacher come here to teach the kids to swim.

We want to find someone who isn't just a great swimmer, but someone who knows how to teach young children, to make it enjoyable, fun, and safe.

Please feel free to make any recommendations. Thank you in advance!

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We did private swim lessons last summer, due to the pandemic. We had a great experience with: 

Lisa Jablonski Clark, mzjablonski85 [at] She traveled to us with age appropriate toys, the lessons had a progression in terms of gaining skills and her communication with us was great.

HI! I have the perfect fit for you!  Contact Amy Bookout.  She is a certified swim instructor with over 30 years experience. She has worked with my kids and was terrific! An added bonus- when she isn't teaching swimming in the summers, she is teaching first grade so knows all about getting kids to buy in and feel safe and successful. I have also seen her work with adults who fear the water so she has a great patience and compassion. Contact: amybookout1 [at] or phone 510-303-5598