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July 2011

I have a 9 year old boy and am looking for good summer camp options in Berkeley. I already have experience with Cal's camps (mixed feelings about those). Was curious to know if anyone has had children in the art and sports camps held at University Village. John

Too late for this summer, but my son had a good time at the half-day basketball camp at UC Village. The coach, with two teenage assistants, taught the campers plays, and they played a lot of games. There was a big age range, but the boys were divided into teams by age to make the games balanced and fun. Jenny
May 1999

My 8-year-old son is returning to University Village camp this year, at his request. Last year he was in their Spanish camp -- he didn't learn a lot of Spanish, but he liked the field trip to Picante, swimming at Albany Pool, and just hanging out there in general. It's more low-key than some of the run-around-the-woods-all-day camps (like Berkeley Day Camp, which he also enjoys).

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