Gymnastics class for preschoolers?


Does anyone have any recommendations for gymnastics classes for preschoolers? 

Thank you!

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Head Over Heels in Emeryville is fantastic.

We've been really happy with the UC Berkeley gymnastics classes. Everyone over 2 masks and class size is small. My 3 yr old daughter loves her coach and has a lot of fun.  It took us a few months on the waitlist to get a spot but it's worth it. 

I love UC Berkeley gymnastics classes which are for 14 months and up. They tend to fill up quickly, but you can get on a waitlist and spots do open up.…

UC Berkeley's Golden Bear Gymnastics program includes pre-k classes/camps. The facility is located at the Clark Kerr campus.

UC Berkeley has a really fun gymnastics class that our 3 year old does. They offer multiple classes a week.…

There are fun gymnastics classes"with UC Rec at Albany Village. It is mostly playtime with some guidance. Mostly exposure with some group circle time involving parents which was a blast when my kiddo was enrolled years ago.