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My son has moved to Marin Elementary in Albany this year and I have had him enrolled in the Tupelo after school program on site since last August. It seemed to be the easiest and most convenient choice at that time, and I have liked the fact that it was a program on site, he did not have to leave the school. However, this has been the most regrettable choice ever: it is a very poor program with no structure AT ALL; they say they do a "Spanish class" but my son did not learn one word. The teachers just make sure that the kids don't get out of the gates of the school but otherwise they basically sit down all the time, letting the kids running around with no supervision. There is also a lot of bullying episodes and other unpleasant experiences for my kid and for me going on there, the teachers have no idea how to deal with kids; never seen a sweet behavior of a teacher towards a kid there. Therefore I have decided to ending my son's enrollment in this program and now I want to make sure to choose better for the next program. Is the Friendship club a good alternative? I have heard good stories about it. Or what is a good after school program, which is connected to Marin? I need to get over the frustration accumulated all these months with the way, are there other disappointed parents from Tupelo here?

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I visited the new after school program at the University Village because I heard great things. I really liked what I saw and the director is very engaged. It's a project-based S.T.E.A.M. enrichment program serving K to 5th graders.They wil pick up children from Cornell and Marine next year. Very structured. Here's the link: