Skateboard class for 8 yr old that's affordable

Hi there, I'm looking for a weekly skateboard group class for my daughter. I inquired about a group class that one of her classmates is in, it's $60/hour. Is that the going rate? It's too much money for us. Any suggestions? Thank you! 

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My 8 year old son goes to Cub Skate at Cal in Berkeley. Its a new program that started in January and is for beginners ages 5-7. He was 7 when they started and still attends although he just turned 8. They’re pretty flexible so I think your daughter should be fine if she’s a beginner. They do have other classes for more advanced kids. Its $105/month which is about $26/week for a 45 minute class. He goes to the  Friday class and the teachers are patient and kind. My son has special needs and they’ve been awesome with him.


You might want to try UC Village Skateboard classes. They meet once a week on Tue or Saturday and you pay around 90 dollars for the whole session. The instructor is great and they bring out all kinds of ramps to practice on. 


There are skateboarding classes through Cal. It is $135 for one month of beginner classes. You can go to to read more and enroll.

Prior to covid my son was in a skateboard class through the UC Rec. Department that met on Saturdays, close to UC Village. I would check with them as they were very affordable. He also did the weekly summer camp every year through Berkeley Park and Rec. at the Gilman skate park. 

Cal has reasonably priced weekly skateboard lessons although they usually have a waitlist - it’s about $100/month has lessons and camps as well - the lessons are approx $15

My daughter is also 8 and skates on quad skates at the skate park. Private lessons on quads are $40/hr if your daughter is interested:) 

UC Berkeley has skateboarding classes, private lessons and summer camp. Not sure if any of those are available, convenient for you to get to, but here's a link. You can always put your kid on a waitlist if anything is of interest.

My daughter has recently gotten into skateboarding, too - and is now HARDCORE into it. She's still not amazingly skilled (in her opinion) because she's naturally a bit risk-averse, but this new sport is changing that, for sure! We discovered "Rob's Skate Academy" in San Leandro a few months ago and couldn't be more pleased. Rob is great. His teachers & staff are all fantastic, too. The location sucks (for us) so I'm hoping to befriend more people who live in the Berk/Oak area to maybe share some of the pain (the driving "pain," that is) with me. My daughter is 13 and is going into HS next year though, so we may start allowing her to ride the bus and go there on her own. She's dying for that independence! (She is literally counting the days until she's "on her own" and won't have to follow our horrible house rules anymore.) But... I'm not sure that I'm ready for her to be alone on public transportation in this rough urban area... Which means... I'll still be driving down to Rob's skate multiple times per week next school year as well. He's located over by the Costco though, so... Maybe shop while she skates?

Anyway, check out Rob's Skate Academy - you won't be sorry ( And feel free to connect if you like and we can discuss it more.