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Nissan Murano

Aug 2005

Anyone out there driving a Nissan Murano? We have a one year old, thinking about having another, wanting a car with lots of cargo space but not quite ready for the minivan and trying to avoid an SUV. Any other cars that we should consider? Mimi

My in-laws have a Murano. They love it, however, I can't stand it. I'm not sure exactly what the Nissan folks were thinking when they decided to only have ONE REAR TETHER FOR A CARSEAT! How stupid is that?! I've already joked with my in-laws that they'll have to get another car if the ever want to take more than one grandkid at a time! Sad but true.

We have a Honda Element that we just adore, though...none of that pesky carpeting or fuzzy fabric upholstery that get crudded up with kids in the carge room is fantastic! room behind the back seats and room on the floor in between the front and back. One caveat though it only seats 4...but hey Honda was smart enough to include rear teathers on BOTH backseats! mz

Reliable shop for late-model Nissans

June 2004

I'm looking for a recommendation for a reliable and honest independent shop who service late-model Nissans, preferably in Berkeley. Art's Automotive and Oceanworks both have two year old listings in the archive. Does anyone have recent Nissan experience with either of these shops, or any others worth considering? Thanks, Sam

Recommendations received:

  • Art's Automotive
  • Wise Auto Tech

    Trustworthy mechanic for Nissans

    August 2002

    I am looking for a trustworthy and reasonably fair auto mechanic in Berkeley for my Nissan Pathfinder. It's like finding a needle in a haystack. Can anyone help' Thanks... Sean

    Recommendations received:

  • Albany Hill Automotive
  • Art's Automotive (2)
  • Marty's Motors
  • Oceanworks (2)
  • RC Imports

    Independent shop for Nissan service

    May 2002

    I'm looking for an independent shop in the Berkeley / Oakland area that knows how to service and repair Nissans and doesn't charge main dealer rates. I have a late model Pathfinder. Any recommendations (positive or negative!) based on recent experience of using a local shop would be appreciated. Thanks. Sam

    Recommendations received:

  • Sid Guthrie
  • Oceanworks