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  • Mira Vista vs. Wilson, Richmond

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    Looking at Kindergartens for 2016-2017.  We are slated for Wilson Elementary in NE Richmond, but I am considering Mira Vista as well. Can parents of past and current students provide any feedback on either school? I've heard great things about Mira Vista and mixed reviews about Wilson. Would consider Washington Elementary as well, but worried about it's close proximity to the Chevron Refinery.

    Thank you!

    Kindergarten Mama

    My daughter is entering kindergarten at Wilson in the fall. I have met some of the kindergarten teachers and have been impressed. It's not the most glamorous school on the outside, but from what I've heard and seen it has a lot of heart. :) I have some friends in the neighborhood whose kids will be going to Wilson for K as well. Feel free to message me and we can meet up for a playdate. :) 

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Hello neighbor! We live in the neighborhood and my daughter a has attended Wilson since Kinder and this fall will be entering 3rd. We have absolutely loved it at Wilson! I'll be honest I was a little hesitant with the old campus state, but it has been nothing but positive for us! The principal Ms Velez is fantastic, involved and easy to talk to. The teachers are kind, long term and solid. We have found a wonderful community of parents and kids. The PTA is relatively new and doing good things at the school! With that said, transfers are essentially lottery, so chances are affected by how many in the attendance area attend that school (i.e., whether it's over-enrolled) and how many people want to transfer to the target school. I bet you could get into Wilson as many people don't request to be transferred to us. It's the best kept secret in the neighborhood :) let me know if you have any further questions about Wilson :)
Deborah Larsen
Debg325 [at] yahoo.com

My 2nd grade dtr is also high functioning on the spectrum /aspergers. Our school district WCCUSD has a GREAT full inclusion program for high functioning autism at Wilson elementary in Richmond. Our daughter has been attending since K and has thrived in her mainstream class with occasional pull outs for social lessons etc. People are often turned off by the thought of richmond, but the community is warm and accepting and the principal Ms Velez is engaged and accessible. Our daughter is bright and has had no issues with being bored with academics and is often challenged at her level. Feel free to contact me if you want to talk more. :) good luck!

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March 2016

My Kindergartener is scheduled to enter Wilson Elementary in Richmond this upcoming school year. Does anyone have any feedback on this school? Thanks! proud Richmond Mom

Are you on Nextdoor.com? There was quite a discussion on this topic recently. I think the conclusion was that it is a nice community, good teachers, academically good, arts, but that the building needs to be replaced. Log in to Nextdoor and check it out. Local mom

April 2008

Does anyone have any feedback on Wilson Elementary in Richmond? In particular I'm interested in the special ed inclusion, but would be grateful for non-special ed experiences as well. Thanks!

The full inclusion program is for High Functioning Autistics and kids with Asperger's. It is a small program and has very specific criteria the child would need to meet in order for the IEP team to decide if it is an appropriate program for them. The special ed teacher who runs the program is absolutely fabulous and the children flourish under her watchful care. There are plenty of happy parents. I know the general ed teachers are also well informed, flexible and willing to help the children feel included. Go Wilson

i have heard that the kindergarten and first grade teachers are great. sorry i don't know more. anon