Wilson Elementary School

Richmond, CA

Website: http://www.wccusd.net/wilson
Phone: (510) 412-5010
629 42nd St., Richmond, CA 94805

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Archived Reviews: 

March 2016

My Kindergartener is scheduled to enter Wilson Elementary in Richmond this upcoming school year. Does anyone have any feedback on this school? Thanks! proud Richmond Mom

Are you on Nextdoor.com? There was quite a discussion on this topic recently. I think the conclusion was that it is a nice community, good teachers, academically good, arts, but that the building needs to be replaced. Log in to Nextdoor and check it out. Local mom

April 2008

Does anyone have any feedback on Wilson Elementary in Richmond? In particular I'm interested in the special ed inclusion, but would be grateful for non-special ed experiences as well. Thanks!

The full inclusion program is for High Functioning Autistics and kids with Asperger's. It is a small program and has very specific criteria the child would need to meet in order for the IEP team to decide if it is an appropriate program for them. The special ed teacher who runs the program is absolutely fabulous and the children flourish under her watchful care. There are plenty of happy parents. I know the general ed teachers are also well informed, flexible and willing to help the children feel included. Go Wilson

i have heard that the kindergarten and first grade teachers are great. sorry i don't know more. anon