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I’m curious how hard it is to get a transfer within WCCUSD. We are a couple blocks from Wilson Elementary in North East neighborhood in Richmond. I always assumed our son would eventually go to this school and was excited to hear of the new school that is being built. (I’ve walk by the demolition on my dog walks and it seems they are making progress.) When I looked up the school zones, it indicates our actual assigned elementary school is King Elementary School, which is nearly a 20 min walk. Wilson is a 7 minute walk from our house. I’d love to hear about anyone’s experience with requesting transfers within the district. Are there schools that are harder to transfer to etc? We are also very close to Mira Vista up the hill and hear great things about the community feel and the PTA. Any advice about transfers within the district would be great! Would I get on a waiting list for my ideal school etc?

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I got a transfer for my daughter in WCCUSD (several years ago) and it was just a matter of filling out the paperwork and following the instructions on the website, then waiting until seriously three days before school started to find out if the transfer was accepted. Then you have to request a transfer renewal each year. Schools that fill up with in-zone residents and siblings of current transfer students are harder to get a transfer. You can only submit for transfer for one school, and there is no way to know in advance if there will be space available or not.

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Current WCCUSD parent here. It really varies by school andgrade.  you're probably ok for Wilson, maybe ok for mv.

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Hello neighbor! We live in the neighborhood and my daughter a has attended Wilson since Kinder and this fall will be entering 3rd. We have absolutely loved it at Wilson! I'll be honest I was a little hesitant with the old campus state, but it has been nothing but positive for us! The principal Ms Velez is fantastic, involved and easy to talk to. The teachers are kind, long term and solid. We have found a wonderful community of parents and kids. The PTA is relatively new and doing good things at the school! With that said, transfers are essentially lottery, so chances are affected by how many in the attendance area attend that school (i.e., whether it's over-enrolled) and how many people want to transfer to the target school. I bet you could get into Wilson as many people don't request to be transferred to us. It's the best kept secret in the neighborhood :) let me know if you have any further questions about Wilson :)
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