Elementary school advice for high-functioning autistic girl

We are looking for advice on the public elementary school options for my daughter (currently in a regular second grade class in San Mateo) preferably in peninsula and south bay, but open to other areas as well. She is on the autism spectrum (high functioning) and is receiving <1 hour per week of RSP support.  She is very social and can speak well, however scored low in executive functioning and short term memory in her recent evaluation. She is getting distracted in the class a lot recently and is needing multiple re-directions to complete her work. She is at grade level currently, however, her teacher mentioned she may not withstand the pace of curriculum in the next level grades. Her teacher also mentioned she can work well in small group settings and can do well if someone can redirect her during work. So far, she likes to going to school and made friends in school. I have a feeling that school district may suggest her a special day class next year. Other parents are suggesting to find other alternatives instead of spending energy fighting with the school district.  She may be little advanced for a special day class and am worried that she may not take the SDC placement well. I researched some related posts on BPN which have some good recommendations on private schools, but unfortunately cannot afford a private school. Willing to move anywhere within the Bay Area to help my daughter.

Your advice is greatly appreciated.   

Thank you!

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My 2nd grade dtr is also high functioning on the spectrum /aspergers. Our school district WCCUSD has a GREAT full inclusion program for high functioning autism at Wilson elementary in Richmond. Our daughter has been attending since K and has thrived in her mainstream class with occasional pull outs for social lessons etc. People are often turned off by the thought of richmond, but the community is warm and accepting and the principal Ms Velez is engaged and accessible. Our daughter is bright and has had no issues with being bored with academics and is often challenged at her level. Feel free to contact me if you want to talk more. :) good luck!