Getting ready for pre-K next year in Richmond

Hi everyone! 
you guys give such great advice that I thought I’d ask yet another question with hopes to get some advice.

My oldest son is starting pre-K next year and we live in Richmond. I’m really worried about the public schools in my area because they just don’t have a good rep. Last year we applied to a bilingual Spanish and English school which is really my dream school, but we are not financially capable to pay $25k per child. And even if we qualified for assistance we were not granted any help. Obviously we were not able to enroll him.

i grew up in Berkeley and although times have changed, i would love it to have him attend but unfortunately don’t live in Berkeley. How can I provide my sons the best education without breaking my pocket and also not breaking any laws in putting him in a school district I don’t live in. 
i have to add, my three year old is suuuuupppeeerrr smart and I’m not just saying that because he is my kid, but his daycare teachers tell us all the time that he is really advanced but my biggest fear is that he will not get the right opportunities because he also is very energetic and learns the wrong things as well and I’m afraid of his teachers loosing interest in him (like his daycare does now) because of his energy. 

any advice would be greatly appreciated! 

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Richmond is a big place and the WCCUSD neighborhood schools vary in PTA funding/support. Washington School, for example, has a bilingual Spanish/English curriculum. Mira Vista and Fairmont both draw from Richmond & El Cerrito by zone. After registering at your neighborhood school, you can apply for an in-district transfer for one of those, if you think they would meet your family's needs better than your neighborhood school. The bilingual Chinese/English school is in unincorporated Richmond and is by lottery, after registering at your neighborhood school. You can also apply for an interdistrict transfer to Albany public schools, again after registering at your neighborhood school. I think bottom line is give your child another year in preschool and then the fall before kindergarten, take a thorough look at your realistic choices and budget, while also getting registered at your neighborhood school (usually in January before the fall of K). Another year will reveal more of your child's potential strengths and weaknesses in the classroom setting. Try not to worry about it too much when they are 3!

My kids are now a little older, but if the Mandarin school option had been available to us when they were at the right age, I would have seriously considered it. I think that seems like a private school option for a public school price tag. But I have no first hand experience.

I live in the N&E in Richmond and my kids attend the new Michelle obama elementary (formerly Wilson) and they have thrived! It is a very warm and friendly environment. I consider my kids bright s well, but they have always been challenged in their class and have never mentioned being bored. The principal Ms Velez is very involved and accessible to parents. The teachers are dedicated and the school has a very low turnover, which says a lot to me. Yes, it is low income school and title 1,but don't let that discourage you from checking it out.

Have you looked at KSS Immersion Schools? I think that the closest one to you is in Albany, but they have a great Spanish immersion program like you're looking for!