Bayhill High School

Berkeley, CA

Private School
Email: info [at] bayhillhs.orgPhone: 510-268-1500
1940 Virginia Street, Berkeley, CA 94709
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Special needs support
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Bayhill was located on Boden Way in Oakland prior to 2015.

Bayhill strives to provide all of its students with an education individualized to their learning style with the needed support to be successful in post-high school endeavors.

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Bayhill, a high school geared toward students with language based learning differences, recently moved to a beautiful new campus in Berkeley (the former Archway Middle School). The school has been an amazing place for my daughter who struggles with all things academic. The teachers have developed models and strategies that really allow the kids to do serious high school work. They are super dedicated and develop close relationships with students. My daughter read Beowolf as a freshman (and understood it)! Kids really get a sense of what they can accomplish. I believe about half the kids pay privately and half are supported by school districts. Some scholarship money is available.

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Oct 2013

Re: Private high school for disorganized smart kid
Check out Bayhill High School on Bowden Way in Oakland (off of Lakeshore). It's a small high school for kids w/ learning differences of all ranges. My son went there for 3 years (he's now at El Cerrito High for his Sr. year). The classes are small and the kids get a lot of attention. They learn how to deal with their differences, how to succeed and use their strengths, and to be responsible for getting their work done. Bayhill was a great school for my son for 9, 10, 11th grades. Good luck. anon mom

Oct 2012

Re: Help finding an appropriate school for my ADHD son
Have you looked into Bayhill High School on Bowden Way in Oakland? Bayhill is a small highschool for kids with learning issues, ADD, etc. My son is a junior at Bayhill and it is the PERFECT school for him. The staff ''gets'' these kids and they know how to teach them appropriately. I dont' know how the financial aid works after the fact, but it's worth checking into to see. We've gotten financial aid every year so far. Bayhill will let your son come and ''shadow'' for a day so he can get a feel for it. Good luck. 

Feb 2012

Has anyone had any personal experience with Bayhill High School? If so, how did your child do academically? How is the social atmosphere? Our daughter has learning differences but is very social and we are trying to figure our if this is a good fit. Appreciate any input!

My son has only been at Bayhill for this school year, but we have been very happy with it. It has been a great fit for him academically and socially. All the teachers totally ''get'' him, his learning issues, how to get the best from him. He is getting solid As and Bs with no modifications on UC approved A-G required course work. I don't believe this would have been possible in any other school setting. Very small classes and courses taught in a very accessible way for these kinds of learners. Socially I was worried about the transition to Bayhill for him. Would there be a lot of kids with major social issues, etc? I haven't found this to be the case. He has easily made friends and kids seem very nice and welcoming. A downside to the small size of the school is that there just can't be the same kind of extra-curriculars that a large school could offer, but I think all the positives far out way that kind of issue. Most importantly, he is truly happy and engaged there and feels immense relief not to feel different because of his learning challenges. Grateful Parent

Jan 2011

Re: High school for LD student with dyslexia
Take a look at Bayhill High School in Oakland. It's a private school with NPS status. It specializes in kids with language-based learning differences. Bayhill parent

There are several private HS within driving distance of Berkeley that specialize in students with LD. The one I recommend is Bayhill in Oakland. I can't remember the names of many others... sorry. I would guess that they all belong to professional organizations perhaps your current school could provide some names. If not try calling the Raskob Day School in Oakland. They are a 3-8 school that specializes in this area and they can probably give you names of some schools their students go on to. in the same boat

Getting BUSD to pay for Bay Hill High School

May 2010

Would like to hear from other families who have experience with BUSD in supporting their teen at Bay Hill HS. Would like to hear from parents that were both successful and those that were not. welcome advice asap!

Our son (bright with good grades through middle school) bombed at Berkeley High. We spent two years trying to get him appropriate services for his learning differences and finally hired an attorney (Lynn Hansen in Oakland) and went through the mediation/fair hearing process to get the district to pay for Bayhill. It took a long time and was extremely stressful, but better than watching our son flounder and fail. (Not sure what the tuition is but it's in their information packet.) Good luck!

April 2010

Re: School for 15-y-o who may have mild Aspergers
I don't know about boarding schools, but if you're interested in checking out a small private high school for kids with learning differences look at Bayhill HS in Oakland. Our son was struggling in ways similar to yours and the change has been dramatic. He still has his issues and difficulties but the staff has been wonderful in helping him do his best. Also, once you get a diagnosis, call the Regional Center of the East Bay to ask for an evaluation. If they find your son eligible, there are behavior specialists who can come to your home and help with some of the difficult behaviors. Mom of teen with Asperger's Syndrome

Nov 2009

I'd like to hear from parents w/ kids at Bay Hills High School (or from the 1st grad class). We are going to apply there for our 8th grade son (who is at Raskob for 8th grade only). We were very impressed at the open house last week. The school sounds perfect for us....Also how much off tuition did any get w/ financial aid? thanks in advance. doin' the high school thing.

My daughter is in her second year at Bay Hill. She is there on an IEP through our school district, so I can't address the financial aid question.

Obviously I don't know your son and can't make a specific recommendation on an intelligent basis. But I can vouch for Bay Hill being a good supportive environment and as close to a full-on high school experience you can get with a student body that maxes out at 80. It's high energy and does not feel the least bit ''clinical.'' They really strive to individualize the program for each student's needs - to an extent that continually amazes me. There is a wide range of needs. The classes are small and they encourage communication between parents and school, all the while respecting the kids' needs to be teens and not 'hovered' over. The availability of services at the site, including educational therapy, speech therapy and traditional sit-with-your-therapist therapy is a great extra. Grateful Bay Hill Parent

Oct 2008

My child was diagnosed with an expressive and receptive language delay when she was 3 years old. Through early intervention, she has made amazing progress. She currently attends kindergarten at an Oakland Hills public school with great teachers and an active parent community. However, the school suffers from overcrowding which negatively impacts that amount of attention each child receives in the classroom. I am looking for a local private school that has a positive, supportive environment for children with learning differences. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Parent of a Kindergartener

My child attends Bayhill High School (which was formerly Raskob High). She is now a senior and this is our third year there. This school saved our family. I was so frustrated with my daughter and she was so frustrated with school that she was throwing away her homework, flat out refused to bring home a progress report and I had to drive to the school and have the janitor open the door of the classroom just to get her to admit she threw her report card away.

Since she has been at Bayhill, she finally enjoys school and learning. She is very quiet and would disappear in a regular classroom. At Bayhill, you can't hide because the classes are too small and everyone is expected to participate.

She is taking challenging classes like physics and geometry, but they have so much support they can't help but do well.

Finally, I love the support that we receive with planning for college. They assisted us with getting the appropriate accommodations for SAT testing and they are committed to getting these children thinking seriously about college. Proud Bayhill Parent

Nov 2007

After years of watching our dyslexic son suffer (the word is not too strong) his way through conventional schools such as Ecole Bilingue and Bishop O'Dowd, we have, at long length, found the perfect match: Bayhill, which opened its door this September. Our son entered the 11th grade, in the prep strand. Students are divided into 2 different English, math, language and history classes, one more supportive, one more challenging, according to each studentms ability. The difficulties that seem to cut across almost all of the students are weaknesses in processing speed, working memory, and organizational skills - invisible but tough challenges. Classes are small, homework is light but pertinent. The athletic program includes flag football and basketball. Track and field will be offered in the spring. My son has now been there 2 full months and he is, well, content. As for me, a parent, I appreciate more than I can tell the entire adventure. The faculty is young, generous and dedicated; the dean is a forceful young woman with a keen understanding of the labyrinthine mind of teens; the staff is just excellent. Speech and language services are included in the tuition. Psychological and/or educational therapy are also available. I encourage anyone interested to contact Rachel Wyle, director of the school, an extraordinary woman, at: (510) 268-1500. 

Oct 2007

We would like to hear from any parents who have kids attending Bayhills. My son, who has language-based learning disabilities, will be entering 9th grade in the fall and we are wondering if it would be a good fit and also how difficult it is to get in for kids who have not attended Raskob. anon

Our son has been attending Bayhill High School since the start of the year and loves it. It specializes in students with learning differences. The teachers, curriculum, and facilities are all great . It's literally been a life changer for my son. Chris

I wanted to put in a plug for Bayhill high school; where my ninth grader attends. If anyone is looking for a place to put an ''out of sync'' kid this is it. We also spent two and half years at their sister school Raskob, but I have seen a huge improvement this year in his ability to stay motivated, manage his work load, and even the social stuff seems better. My son also has issues beyond his academic challenges, and I feel the staff has gone out their way to accomadate him. For example. at my request, they instituted a morning break so that my child, (and others) could have an AM snack, and they agreed to supervise my child at lunch. I can't think of any other school that would do this, Im guessing some teachers probably have to sacrifice their own break time to make this happen. Anyway, the staff is very dedicated and my child who really needs it, gets a lot of personal attention. Happy Bayhill Parent

I have a 10th grader at Bayhill high School and she absolutly loves it there. My daughter was in public school and in special day since first grade and she never learned a lot as they only babysat her until her 7th grade special day teacher knew these kids can learn and taught them. Last year she went to Raskob which was wonderful and Raskob did not want the highschool there anymore so BayHill was made and it has the same staff from Raskob. Bayhill is a wonderful school and the class sizes are small and your child will get a lot of attention. They will modify your child's ciriculum as needed to. Everything is individulized at this school. The kids are all regular kids that can sozalize. The student body is wonderful and the kids all seem to get along well. Your child is really supervised all the time at this school where in a public high school they are not as supervised. At Bayhill all the teachers really know who your child is and the director of students knows all 53 kids by name and for who they really are.This is a wonderful school and I am so greatful to have a school like this for kids with learning differences. My daughter loves everything about the school and she has been able to become really involved in student council, yearbook, and they even have a cheerleading program at this small school. The best part of this school is the attention your child recieves and the individualness the children get. You would not make a mistake in sending your child to this fabulous school. We are extremely happy here. Happy Bayhill parent '