Bayhill High School vs. Orinda Academy vs. Millenium High School


Wondering if anyone has experience/exposure to these schools. I'm interested in how they are alike, different and what type of student you'd find at each of these schools? Ie: which is more academically challenging? Which offers a more traditional high school experience? Which has more kids with behavioral problems? I have a child with an IEP who struggles academically and has no behavioral problems. He needs lots of academic support but wants to play sports, go to dances and have a 'normal' high school experience. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you!

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I think Bayhill could be a great fit for your son. My son with adhd & dyslexia had a great experience there. He is now in college and I don't think he would have had that option without his years at Bayhill. The teachers are incredibly devoted and become friends, mentors & cheerleaders for the students. The academic supports are built into each class. They have dances, proms, sports teams, student council, etc. to give the kids that high school experience (albeit in a small school environment). The administration seemed to work hard on making sure students were a fit for the environment and dealt quickly with any disruptive behavior. Most of the kids there were fairly "mainstream", but needed the extra academic support & small class sizes to succeed. We also looked at Orinda Academy and at the time felt it didn't offer the level of academic support my son needed. 

Grateful Bayhill Parent Alum

Orinda Academy sounds like a good school for your son! I am a current parent of a 10th grader at Orinda Academy. My son has ADD, including organizational issues, and has thrived there, gaining social confidence as well as meeting his potential. The small class sizes enable the teachers to really get to know the students and address their learning needs. We have a Learning Support Coordinator that digests your students needs into a Learning Plan for all the teachers to utilize for accommodations. Overall, it has been an amazing experience for my son with a strong community feeling, social and scholastic support. The school does offer sports, has dances/prom as well as student council, educational adventure trips near and far, and various lunchtime clubs. Orinda Academy challenges kids to work towards their potential, whether that is college bound or not, all is embraced. I'm happy to message or chat with you about our experience. We also have an Open House coming up Sunday, Dec 4th from 1-4pm.

I completely agree with the response about Orinda Academy. Our son is a senior there with all sorts of learning issues. He has had a productive and uplifting high school experience leading to a great self esteem.