HELP! Best high school for child with an IEP?

My son has an IEP and starts high school next year. We are looking for any feedback on how Berkeley High, Millennium High or Bayhill are for a child who needs a lot of extra help and remediation. We aren’t exploring other schools so any feedback on these three only is REALLY appreciated! It’s a confusing process and since he didn’t get the help he needed in middle school I’m really nervous about making the wrong decision for high school. We are relatively new to the area so need some help! THANK YOU! 

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I can only respond with personal experience about Berkeley High. My stepson had very specific special needs that were totally ignored and in fact exacerbated. He was nearly flunking out when we transferred him to El Cerrito High; once there, he got straight As, personal attention, and was no longer lost in the shuffle between in-fighting teachers and departments competing for students' time. I'm glad we got him out but the low grades were an issue at college-application time. As in, he didn't get into any UCs. That's all I can tell you. 

I did a lot of research for my special needs son and we went with Bayhill, started Aug 2019. It is all about fit and I urge you to schedule a tour at all of your schools of interest.

I think a fantastic school for different learners looking to find their "peeps" while finding their niche in school and that Donna Austin, the director of admissions, is an incredible support person and knows exactly if this is the school for your student. 

Best wishes in your search.

My daughter attended Millennial High.  Because it is a part of the Piedmont Schools we were told it has the most resources of the three schools you mentioned.  This came from a therapist who coaches people on IEPs.  I do believe this was true at the time.  She graduated in 2015.  That said, I have heard things have changed under the current superintendent.... Still, it is a small school and kids do have the options of taking some classes at PHS.  They were extremely flexible with our daughter and we are grateful.