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I'm looking for feedback from parents who are familiar with Bayhill High School. I searched here but couldn't find any recent postings. If you or someone you know has any information to lend, I'd greatly appreciate it as we are considering this school for our son who has learning differences, no behavioral. Thank you SO much!

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My son is a senior this year at Bayhill, and we love it.  He's been there since his sophomore year after having academic struggles in public school. He has severe inattentive ADD along with a very slow processing speed. In public school he was always significantly behind the other students finishing classwork and tests. We had 504 accommodations, but it was exhausting making sure he got the extra time he needed, and he was being teased by other students for being "dumb."   At Bayhill he's been able to stretch academically and take challenging classes like physics and four years of math. Every kid there has something they struggle with, so the competitive pressure is off. Classes at Bayhill are very small and kids can take whatever class they are ready for, regardless of which year they are. The instruction is very structured and specially designed to help kids stay organized, and it's also flexible so kids can use whatever tools they need to learn, such as listening to a book instead of reading it. Most kids have a period in their schedule every day when a teacher is there to help with homework.  Teachers form close relationships with the students. This has been an unexpected bonus at Bayhill. My son has bonded with a couple of the young guy teachers who have helped him through emotional upsets like his first girlfriend. He still struggles to finish his homework at Bayhill - they hold the kids to high standards and his grades reflect that. But he is learning, he likes school, and he is confident. Right now he's applying to college. Bayhill has a college counselor and also a transition coordinator who advises kids on the next step after high school. She helped us get accommodations for the ACT.  My son's GPA is very average but he scored well on the ACT because he had enough time to finish it, so he has a lot of options for college next year. I really appreciate this school and I wish every kid had the kind of support at their school that Bayhill students have.

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My son attended Bayhill for two years (freshman and sophomore). Please private message me if you'd like to hear about our experience.