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Alta Bates Parks

Parks behind Alta Bates hospital in Berkeley \tTwo playgrounds - one with a scary spiral slide for big kids \tover 3 or so, and another smaller play area for little ones.

Cordornices Park

Cordornices Park - Euclid above Cedar in Berkeley \tLots of swings, play structures, woods, and a tunnel under \tEuclid. Has a small enclosed play area just for little ones.


Totland - Virginia & McGee in Berkeley \tThis park is set up just for toddlers; completely enclosed \tby a fence and kids are always within view. Ginger
Totland is all enclosed and was made for babies and toddlers. Also Coordineces park @ Euclid & Eunice (? It's accross from the Rose Garden). They also have an enclosed section for little ones. It's my favorite park in Berkeley. Toby