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I don’t know if it’s in the area you’re looking for, but in El Cerrito, there is a park off Moeser called ‘Cerrito Vista Park’. It has the main level of the park with the baseball fields & play ground. Then it has a smaller upper level with a lot of picnic benches & a good sized grassy area.

We live near by, & have see lots of parties there - ones with jumpy houses & even petting zoos. 

I don’t know if you have to book it with the city, but El Cerrito is pretty cool & easy to reach/deal with. 

Hope that helps! 

Many El Cerrito parks have BBQ areas, and all have bathrooms (buy a bathroom key at the Community Center and it is good forever).

All the info is here:

You technically don't have to have a reservation, but if someone else does make a reservation, then your group could be left without a picnic table or BBQ. For example all the picnic/bbq areas at Arlington Park are often reserved on weekends.

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Feb 2009

RE: 2-year-old's birthday at a park

When my daughter was little, I had totally no-fuss park parties for her at parks in El Cerrito: Castro, Tassajara, and Cerrito Vista. Each time we had practically the whole place to ourselves and I never made a reservation. I would not recommend Aquatic Park, Albany Memorial or Arlington parks, because on nice weekends they get crowded with folks who do have reservations. If you do choose one of the less-crowded El Cerrito parks, make sure to buy a bathroom key from the El Cerrito Community Center in advance. -- park parties are fun