Lake Temescal Regional Recreation Area


North Entrance: 6500 Broadway Oakland, CA 94618
South Entrance: 6502 Broadway Terrace Oakland, CA 94618

Located next to the junction of highways 24 and 13 in Oakland, Temescal is a convenient urban oasis, popular for swimming, fishing, sunbathing, and picnicking.

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Lake temescal should be nice. I'd stay away from the bay/ocean to try to increase a chance for a warmer weather. For your group size, although not reservable, you should also be able to find a nice sized corner at the Piedmont park or Draceana park. 1 folding table and a few picnic blankets should be enough for the group size. For older guests, you can bring camping chairs or ask some of your close friend/relative guests to bring some camping/folding chairs. Have fun~

Try Lake Temescal off Broadway Terrace and Hwy 13.  Popular for birthday parties and there is also a lake.  I'm not sure about the reservation system (as there are designated spots with tables/benches/grills) but there is also plenty of grass available for you to set up as well.

I just had my sons first birthday at Temescal Recreational Area; it was perfect. People came and went, set up picnic blankets or ate at the tables, kids ran around playing. 


I recommend Lake Temescal, which has a pretty park with lots of picnic tables.  Many have a view of the lake.  It has a safe and happy feel, with lots of people of all ages enjoying the park.  Hope you like it!


The building at Lake Temescal is WONDERFUL.  I guess I'd look under parks and rec.  Also, have you checked out peerspace?  Some great spaces there.  Happy Birthday sweet 16!!



I had my baby shower (co-ed BBQ) at lake Temescal. We had a bunch of kids who could play on the lawn, fish, swim or play at the playground. They have bathrooms, parking and built in BBBQs. You can reserve tables in advance by calling the park district. February is hit or miss on weather so you would probably need a cover of some sort if it rains.


I had my baby shower at Lake Temescal and have since had our son's first and second Birthdays there. Each reservable site has a lot of space and there are play structures nearby. If you are unable to reserve a site there are some really nice unreserved spaces as well. Lot of parking too.

We just had a really nice birthday party at Lake Temescal and we reserved the spot in advance online. Most of them are close to the parking lots, have grassy open space for running around, and are close to drinking fountains and toilets. You can use the same link as the comment for Tilden Park and the website shows a picture of each of the picnic sites.

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April 2010

RE: What Park for 5-year-old Birthday Party?

This doesn't really answer the question, but there is ample street parking near Lake Temescal; you don't necessarily have to pay the fee. In fact, if you drive by on the weekends, the lots are typically empty while the street fills up first. If you want to save $ that's a good place to start! Mary

Re: Pool for Hanging Out (July 2002)
We really like the lakes-Lake Anza, Lake Temescal...etc. Some are warmer than others, but all are beautiful, sandy, and fun for different ages. Kean