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Check out Dracena Park in Piedmont, which has a 1/4 mile flat paved loop (maybe shorter). It’s great for practicing!

RE: Climbing spots for 5 year old? ()

I haven’t been there recently, but my kids used to enjoy the small climbing wall at Dracena Quarry Park in Piedmont. Also, there’s a similar wall at the park in Moeser Lane in El Cerrito — Cerrito Vista Park , I think. And a really nice, big rope structure on the school grounds of Le Conte Elementary School in south Berkeley.Happy climbing!

RE: Climbing spots for 5 year old? ()

Dracena Park in Piedmont has a small outdoor climbing wall, plus other fun equipment perfect for a 5 year old. Bring a bike or scooter for the bike path!

RE: Climbing spots for 5 year old? ()

Dracena Park in Piedmont! They have a rock climbing structure, perfect size for 4-6 year olds. The park is also great for biking/scootering, and there is a nice large grassy area for playing ball or tag.

Depending on where you live, Dracena Park in Piedmont may be an option if you are not too far away. We take our 5 month old and dog there often. It's an off leash park for dogs and there are a few small trails and lead down to the Dracena Quarry where there is a large grass area and play structure and rock climbing wall for kids. The dogs can only be off leash in the trail portions though. Om the same note, there is another playground with an off leash dog area/trails behind the high school in Piedmont as well. I usually strap the baby on a carrier and let the dog roam around the trails.

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March 2016

RE: Oakland parks that have a lot of kids

A hidden gem is Dracena Park in Piedmont and its not too far from that part of town. They have 2 play areas, grass, climbing wall and bathrooms. Also a short hiking /dog walking trail and its pretty easy to park. However it can b e hard to find at first but well worth it! Love Dracena Park

June 2012

RE: Feeling isolated in the Berkeley Hills - walkable parks in other areas?

Dracena Park in Piedmont is fantastic - sand, water play, climbing, swings, slide, big grassy area to run around in. It seems to be a big neighborhood hangout - we don't live near it, but there are always families picnicking, playdates happening, nannies hanging out, etc. Park Hopper 

Parks in Piedmont

May 1998

The tot lot on Linda Ave in Piedmont is enclosed and a lot of fun. Linda runs between Piedmont Ave and Grand Ave. the tot lot is between the elementary school and the tennis cts. the playground is NOT shaded and it can get quite hot there. Deborah