Outdoor venue for 1 year old bday in early November


My son will be turning 1 in early November and I’m looking for a nice place to have his birthday. I have the club house reserved in our apartment on pled but thinking it will still be nice out. So having something outside could work. I would love the Berkeley/ Emeryville/ Oakland area but open to other spots as well. It will be maybe 6-10 kids and more adults. I am looking to get a little soft playground for the kiddies. Something with a ball pit does anyone know of nice parks that has tables I can reserve and a nice grass area for the kids to play. 
thanks so much in advance! 

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Lake temescal should be nice. I'd stay away from the bay/ocean to try to increase a chance for a warmer weather. For your group size, although not reservable, you should also be able to find a nice sized corner at the Piedmont park or Draceana park. 1 folding table and a few picnic blankets should be enough for the group size. For older guests, you can bring camping chairs or ask some of your close friend/relative guests to bring some camping/folding chairs. Have fun~

Codornices Park in Berkeley has a fenced in tot playground, a big grassy field and a reservable table near the tot playground. But if the table is already reserved, many families will set up a table on the grassy field. (the area around the table is near a very shallow stream if there is any water there these days with rocks at the stream side so the little ones are best playing on the grass or tot lot.)

I held my son's 3rd birthday party at San Pablo Park in south Berkeley, and now all his preschool classmates' parents are doing it, LOL (slight exaggeration). It's a great spot. Big, grassy, sunny, street parking, wonderful play area with soft surface for the littles that has a fence, picnic tables, a separate play area for the biggers as well. You can reserve spots with the City of Berkeley, and I don't think there's a cost. There's no ball pit, but it's a great spot for a jumpy house. Have fun!

My son is also turning 1 in early November! Tilden Park has many little spots that you can reserve but a nice one might be on the grassy area (with tables) out by the entrance to the Tilden Little Farm. I think you can reserve online but otherwise it’s first come first served so just come early or you could have a grandparent/friend do a stake out for a couple hours. Hope this helps! And let me know if you’re ever interested in a play date, since it sounds like we’re right around the exact same age! :)