Cordornices Park


1201 Euclid Avenue between Eunice Street and Bayview Place

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  • Birthday party at Codornices park?

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    Hi. Has anyone had a birthday party at Codornices park in Berkeley in the grassy nom-reservable space? The picnic areas are great but for $90 not sure it's worth it. Any tips? Does it get super sunny? It's for a first birthday.

    If you are having a brunch time party and you can send someone to save the spot really early in the morning, there is a nice non-reservable spot next to creek and the play structures. The field can get sunny. So, I would have a shade tent on hand just in case you can't snag the picnic spot. 

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It sounds like you want easy in- town access so my first suggestion is Codornices Park.  There are BBQ grills at the end of centerfield (off the grass) of the baseball diamond.  More special is to go from there across the creek to the picnic area at the big chimney.  Berkeley req does reserve for you, but I'd think not necessary unless a weekend.  Another close by,  but small and private location is Remoullard Park on Regal Road above Euclid

Our more favorite suggestion would be Tilden and specifically the Spillway Picnic Area.  It is east of the great lawn at Lake Anza.  Their parking lot was closed last month...but parking in the over-flow lot next to it is actually closer to the BBQ sites.  Seven tables, lovely location, short 2 minute wLk from over-flow parking lot (gravel). If you don't know Tilden, easiest directions is from top of Spruce Street to Anza Lake.  You also go right by the Merry-Go-Round and could easily stroll between the two.  Good luck.

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April 2010

RE: What Park for 5-year-old Birthday Party?

Cordonices is a lovely park in Berkeley, with plenty of free street parking. You can reserve the tables throught the city of Berkeley. Great playground and really great big slide, and lots of space to run around.

Cordornices Park - Euclid above Cedar in Berkeley Lots of swings, play structures, woods, and a tunnel under Euclid. Has a small enclosed play area just for little ones.