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At Strategies for Learning, we offer one-on-one support designed to strengthen student engagement in the learning process. We provide academic support and educational therapy across all domains such as literacy, writing, math, science, Test Prep, AP Courses, college essays, and executive functioning. We also offer case management, including advocacy, consultation, and coordination around school placement, learning accommodations, and the IEP and 504 processes. Our dedicated team of Clinicians has advanced degrees and experience with a broad spectrum of learning differences such as ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ASD, language processing disorders, and more. We carefully select from our team of specialists to make the best match for your child to build meaningful support.

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RE: tutor for dyslexic teen ()

We have used Strategies for Learning for our son who is dyslexic. Our clinician works remotely however during our intake they said they do have clinicians that work in person at their Oakland office.

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Jan 2013

RE: ADHD-- dd on meds ; no change in productivity

Been there! Contact Phyllis Koppelman at Strategies for Learning. She got my child writing which was a MIRACLE! ( She is funny, warm and so experienced!

Meds should work, period. However, I learned that my kid's doc was not giving him a 'clinically significant dose' that is not enough to help, just enough to disturb his sleep! We switched to Dr. Brad Berman who is heaven-sent.

In both cases it was critical that our child LIKE the professionals. These two really do love kids and interact with them, not just you. Good luck!

Feb 2010

RE: Organizational skills for high school freshman

I highly recommend Phyllis Koppelman at Strategies for Learning ( Her office is on Grand Ave. in Oakland. She is kind, smart and incredibly experienced. She will see things in your child that you didn't think anyone else could see. She'll also see things you didn't. She creates a strong relationship with the kids & teens she works with. Getting teens organized is one of her strengths. Phone: 510-835-0466 Feel free to tell her I was singing her praises. Dawn

Oct 2009

RE:  How to help Teen w/test taking

I resorted to professional help. Yes, there are people who do just TEST TAKING skills. The standardized tests build in tricks - I don't know why but they do. I'm sure someone will recommend some of the tutors who prepare you for SAT, etc.

For us the bigger issue was being prepared, feeling confident (messing up on tests hurts your child's self esteem) and building more academic skills. We went to Phyllis Koppelman at Strategies for Learning. After just one session I had an ''AH HA'' moment. All my parental tutoring simply was not as good as a professional who knew the tricks of the trade. Additionally, we had used a young tutor before who actually use put-downs as a motivator (my child was NOT motivated). Phyllis is kind and develops a relationship with your child. She uses humor, praise and honest critiques. My son finally admitted to himself that while he is a good writer, writing is very hard for him and he simply must devote additional time to it. On the other hand, math is a breeze - so hurray for that. Her website is Mom of a test hater

June 2009

RE: Tutor needed for 15-year-old's study habits

Your son sounds like mine. When the work is ''easy'' he doesn't do so well; the more challenging, the better he does. It has something to do with the way his brain works. He also had trouble when the need to study came along. With math he could immediately know the answer but not know how he knew. We got a handle on this when he was tested at Strategies for Learning. They are in Oakland so maybe you don't want to go there for tutoring. But you might start by talking to them about your options. The number is 510-835-0466. My child was coached in study skills there. Mom of a 2009 Grad!

May 2009

RE: English tutor for high school sophomore

The person that I totally trust and refer friends to is Phyllis Koppelman of Strategies for Learning ( You can look at her website and look at her brochure for a summer program called Mighty Minds Enrichment Program. My son was totally resistant to tutoring, is very smart but couldn't get the words out of his head and onto the page. Phyllis worked her magic on him. Not only could she get those words out, he actually LIKED her. (I know, shocking.) In fact the very first day he went ''only once'' and came out to the waiting room laughing and telling her jokes. We went out to the car and all he said was, ''Mom, I hate it when you're right.'' If your son has any learning issues, she'll help. If he has a sense of humor, they'll get along great. She will see what he does well and praise him. He'll know that it's real, not a butter up. She's also great with parents. grateful mom

Jan 2009

RE: I think I may have ADD - what should I do?

Your message is very poignant for me because my lovely 13 year old son just went through an educational evaluation and was told that he had a pretty severe case of ADD, but his is attention deficit with no hyperactivity (perhaps like you). He just has an extremely difficult time staying attentive. The psychologist who worked with him said that even at this age, there are signs that he is getting depressed, overwhelmed, and really depleted because he has been compensating for so long. So I am wondering if your depression is related to the long hard work of trying to cope in the world given your attention deficit.

I would really recommend that you try to get a similar (age appropriate) evaluation. If you have the funds, it's worth the money. I also wonder if it would ultimately be worthwhile for you to wean off the anti-depressants and try med.s for ADD. (Though I am no expert on this.) I do know adults who are treated for ADD. I have recommended Phyllis Koppelman on this site before. Certainly she is a compassionate and insightful person and was very helpful to my son at an earlier stage in his development. Her e-mail is: phyllis [at] --and if she can't be directly helpful, I bet she'll have good referrals. Best wishes. Elizabeth

Sept 2007

RE: ADHD coach for 21 year old

I'm not sure what you're looking for in saying "coach" but if you want someone who is experienced working with kids with ADHD and with people with learning differences you might want to have your daughter see Phyllis Koppelman who is a educational therapist and has loads of experience with learning differences. She can help your daughter get organized, learn how to get started on assignments, how to schedule her work, and can help with writing skills. She is very kind and accessible. I know both boys and girls who have worked with her, with many different things they wanted to develop. She isn't cheap but even a few sessions can make a difference. You can check out her website at Her office is on Grand Ave. in Oakland. She has a pretty full schedule. another mom of teens