tutor for dyslexic teen

I posted this question before and, being new to this game, didn't find any responses. I'm a grandparent looking for a reading tutor for my dyslexic teen granddaughter. Would like someone in Oakland, San Leandro, Orinda or Berkeley. In-person tutoring pls.

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If your student is dyslexic, you will want to find an educational therapist to work with them. ET's are specifically trained and licensed to work with people with learning differences like dyslexia. Here is a link to their professional site with a search option. Best of luck to you! Find An ET - Association Of Educational Therapists (aetonline.org)

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We have used Strategies for Learning for our son who is dyslexic. Our clinician works remotely however during our intake they said they do have clinicians that work in person at their Oakland office.