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Rebecca Field Consulting offers two unique services both for students who learn differently (LD) and for students without learning challenges.  With years of experience working with students and their families, Rebecca Field Consulting offers College Admissions Advising and College Success & Retention Coaching.  Through individualized sessions, Rebecca Field Consulting assists students and families in selecting appropriate post high school options and then helps them to stay there successfully.  

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We used Rebecca Field: She specializes in college admissions and support for kids with LD, students who are on the spectrum, and any other student making college decisions. She was incredibly helpful and had a good rapport with our son. Good luck with this transition


Prior to my son being close to applying for college, I was baffled by conversations from parents about hiring a college counselor for their kids; however, when the time came for my son, we hired Rebecca Field.  (Rebecca was a referral from a friend.)  I was very impressed by how she managed the process with my son.  The process is very organized and takes parents out of the equation because it customizes the search to the needs and wants of your child.  All the stress and pressure from doing whatever the student needs to do is managed extremely well by Rebecca.  She develops a relationship with the student and they communicate in person or via FT.  It highly resembles a conversation adults may have with their manager where a manager discusses tasks needed to be accomplished and the employee follows through and then reports back for feedback.  I really liked that because it gives the student a window to an adult's life although we know that some of this goes on in high school.  After students have identified and applied to their preferred colleges which range from "yes, I can get in" to a "reach school", then Rebecca continues to support the student with reminders and valuable information when the student is struggling with making a decision.  Needless to say, hiring Rebecca was the best investment we did for our son.  He got into many of his top choices and ended up choosing Chapman University, his top choice.  Rebecca's info is below.

Rebecca Field, Ed.M.
Rebecca Field Consulting
401 Grand Ave. Suite 380
(Suite of Dr. Vernita Marsh & Associates)
Oakland, CA  94610
(510) 816-7755
Member: WACAC, HECA, NACAC, IECA (Associate)

We used Rebecca Field: She specializes in college admissions and support for kids with LD. She was incredibly helpful and had a good rapport with our son. Good luck with this transition

We’ve been bracing ourselves for our daughter’s college application process well before her senior year. Since she was our first child to go off to college, we were a little nervous about the process. We also heard how competitive it was to get into colleges, especially the UCs. Since our daughter was a good student academically but not stellar, we knew we needed help navigating  and highlighting her other amazing strengths.

Our friend highly recommended Rebecca. We started using her January of her junior year. She was fabulous! She was calm, attentive and my daughter was at ease with her. Rebecca would give her tasks, positive support and honest feedback. She recommended colleges that she felt were a good fit for what my daughter thought were her top priorities and also took into consideration our input, too.

She worked with my daughter in setting up all her college application accounts and helped us with deadlines - even after she was accepted. She was quick to respond to our questions, too.

In the end my daughter was accepted to the majority of colleges! The ones she was declined were her “stretch schools” - which showed us Rebecca really did understand the expectations of UC, Cal State and private colleges.

I’ll be using her again for my son next year!


Rebecca Field was a lifesaver for my son and our family during the college search and application process.  My son worked directly with her (after initial meeting involving us parents) to find out what he was looking for (which changed quite a bit throughout the process), research schools, assisting with the applications/essays, and then helped to narrow down the final list.  My son really felt like she was on his side and he really respected her opinions/guidance.  She was super responsive and incredibly organized.  She has a comprehensive website for her students that tracks and provides information on all the potential schools, all their deadlines and all communications between her and the student. She ended up recommending a small private school with a unique program for my son to apply to that he never would have known about if not for her. He was accepted and is beyond excited to have found the perfect place for him.  She keeps the parents in the loop while empowering the student.  She provided lots of reminders about upcoming deadlines, which was very helpful. Throughout the process we realized there really is a school for everyone, even if the student does not have a top GPA. College consultants are not cheap, but Rebecca was worth every penny and in the long run, I think she saved us money because she helped to steer our son toward schools where he was considered an excellent candidate and received merit scholarships.  We can't recommend Rebecca highly enough. 


We are using Rebecca now and she is not only super knowledgeable and bright, but she is also a fantastic person to work with. My daughter is really enjoying the process thanks to Rebecca. She uses the latest technology, she is very responsive when I reach out and she is always sharing useful information., 510-816-7755. Good luck!

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Jan 2015

RE: College counselor for senior with ADHD

Rebecca Field of Rebecca Field Consulting in Oakland would be a terrific fit for your needs! Her resume, experience, and professional certifications and networks (available on the website) are beyond impressive, and even more important is the results she has gotten for years with similarly-situated students, and the personal fulfillment she gets from assisting students and families on their journey. She and I were part of the staff at Orion Academy in Moraga, so I saw first-hand her devotion and skills, and I have remained in awe of her abilities and approach in the years since! I cannot recommend her highly enough; do consider contacting her and exploring the possible fit, it'll be time well spent.

Mark G

April 2012

RE: College Admissions Counselor for LD Student

You could try Rebecca Field: She has worked with students with learning differences at Orion Academy and Bayhills High school. Jan

Dec 2011

I feel I absolutely must let the world (or the East Bay) know about Rebecca Field, a most amazing college counsellor who works out of an office near Lake Merritt, Oakland. She guided my son through the process of applying to colleges and actually made it fun and enriching! She connected with my son immediately. She took the time to get to know him and she was with him every step of the way. She helped him organize, set his tasks and introduced him to try a few schools that she thought would be good for him. My son wanted to go to a small college back east. We thought this would be a challenge, but Rebecca was familiar with the full spectrum of public and private schools nationally. She was able to suggest a few additional schools that were not in Forty Colleges but just as good. Jake submitted the last of his applications yesterday and ahead of the deadlines despite a somewhat late start. He feels great about his choices, is excited about college and was able to really think through what he wanted to get out of school. I can say with absolute certainty that Rebecca made all the difference. While some of the choices might have been the same, the quality of the applications, essays and the confidence were entirely due to Rebecca. Debra