College guidance for 16 year old with ASD

Until this year I strongly doubted that my son w Asperger’s would ever want to go to college — he has never been interested in academics, has never gone to sleep away camp and has no extracurricular activities besides playing D&D and MTG. That said, he is now a sophomore and wants to go on to college after finishing high school. I think a gap year, community college or an internship could all be excellent transitional steps but currently my son wants to stick to the typical path. 
Does anyone have a recommendation for a consultant who is especially talented in helping guide kids w ASD and their families through the process of figuring out post-high school goals?

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We used Rebecca Field: She specializes in college admissions and support for kids with LD, students who are on the spectrum, and any other student making college decisions. She was incredibly helpful and had a good rapport with our son. Good luck with this transition


I've worked with Jennifer Taylor at Jedted consulting recently, and she has helped me find very good choices for my daughter who needed a residential placement. She's been in the field a long time and knows what's out there very well. I know she works with  kids who have all kinds of issues and diagnoses, and educational needs. I think she would be a really good person to speak with.    Jennifer Taylor: 415-887-8998