Seeking a College Counselor Recommendation

Although we are still a few years away from the college application process, I'd like to meet with a college counselor to ask them a few questions.

Does anyone have suggestions for a good college counselor?

Thank you,


Parent Replies

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  I highly recommend Nicole at On My Consulting  Nicole helped my daughter narrow down which colleges she should apply to and helped her meet all her college application deadlines.  When the acceptances came in, Nicole helped my daughter choose the college that was the best fit.  Nicole was a good advisor and gave great guidance throughout the whole college application process.  

Rebecca Field Consulting has been GREAT with my not-so-organized kid!

Try Sally Doane at Blue Sky College Advising.  She helped my son figure out what he was looking for in a college.  She also did an amazing job coaching him to write his essays.  She was motivating and empowering for him to take charge of the college application process.