Outdoor Kids Occupational Therapy

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Does your child have challenges....

-Paying attention?

-Sitting still?

-Listening and following directions?

-Controlling their body appropriately?

-Climbing, running, balancing?

-Having self-confidence to try new things?

-Playing cooperatively with peers?

-Regulating their emotions?

-Thinking creatively and using their imagination?

-Solving problems on their own?

-Following through to carry out a plan?

Any of these skills (and more) can be targeted with therapeutic intervention during Outdoor Kids OT groups!  Typically-developing children participate in our groups to get their green time/nature play too! Visit www.outdoorkidsOT.com for more information or give us a call to talk about how we can help your child.

Parent Reviews

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We are in a similar boat and have had very good experiences with Lawrence Hall of Science and Trackers.

Also, Outdoor Kids OT camp is amazing, although it's only 1 week long and for 4 hours a day:


Have you considered occupational therapy in a group setting? I like Outdoor Kids OT: https://www.outdoorkidsot.com/. I have not worked with them directly yet, but had a great conversation with the lead at the recommendation of my pediatrician for my son with sensory processing issues. Social skills seemed among the things they focused on.

I wanted to give a glowing review of Outdoor Kids OT.  My son has been participating in a small outdoor group with Alvin for the entire school year. We started the group after completing clinical based OT because we felt he needed more support in regulating himself in social situations.  The groups are made up of similar aged, same gender children and I know they try to make the groups balanced around different issues the kids are working on.  Alvin is a very creative, energetic, compassionate and truly talented OT.  He has surprised us week after week with new ways to use the outdoors to work on a wide range of needs from planning to frustration tolerance to impulse control to working cooperatively with peers.  After the first 10 week session, we felt like our son had gained enough skills to stop doing OT having also done about 6 months of clinical OT.  However, the groups sometimes allow a "Peer" who is not actively on an OT protocol with goals and outcomes, but who can just come to the group and participate.  We ended up doing this peer role for two sessions and my son LOVED it.  He looked forward to going to the woods one afternoon a week to have adventures!  He can't wait to do more in the fall. I highly recommend OKOT - and can even recommend it if you aren't sure if you child needs OT and is "on the bubble."  It is a great place for high energy kids who want to develop great regulating skills among their peers.