Summer Camps for High functioning 6 year olds


Has anyone had experience lately with summer camps for kids on the spectrum. My kid is verbal and has no major behavioral issues. It has been hard to find a camp that I trust and can read between the lines with him. Any luck finding ones in the East Bay/ Oakland and Berkeley areas? 

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Camp Galileo! My HFA son went for years & loved it. (He’s verbal but very quiet, sensitive to noise/crowds). The counselors are very well trained. So even though the vibe is very high energy, they are ready & on the lookout for quiet/sensitive kids who need a different approach. They really do a great job with having alternate activities, caring staff, understanding different personalities. 

We are in a similar boat and have had very good experiences with Lawrence Hall of Science and Trackers.

Also, Outdoor Kids OT camp is amazing, although it's only 1 week long and for 4 hours a day:

Fiddleheads Camp.

multiple locations in the Bay Area

nature based with therapist on staff!

Another resource for camp ideas is a terrific Facebook group “East Bay Autism Parents”. Posting your question or searching there should lead to many other great options.