Seeking an Occupational Therapist for 6 year old

My 6 year old is having trouble with impulse control and emotional regulation (controlling his anger). He also has some sensory issues and poor fine motor skills for his age. It has been recommended that he see an occupational therapist.  Does anyone have recommendations for an occupational therapist in Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito/Richmond/Oakland? Thanks!

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We've had a great experience with Outdoor Kids Occupational Therapy. 

Hi we loved elizabeth meikle as an OT, we used her mainly for motor skills but she would be good for your son’s other issues too. We currently use leanne bloom for emotional regulation and she has also been great

Oak Bloom OT in Oakland is wonderful. 


I suggest reaching out to Lee-Anne Bloom at Oak Bloom OT. She worked with my child (ADHD + sensory) on similar issues for a for a few years when they were around that age. During our time with Lee-Anne, we worked on emotional regulation, impulse control, social skills, fine motor and throughout she was extremely responsive to my child needs (and ours) modifying and adapting as tools were learned (or rejected). We still use many of the tools and techniques several years later

As you pursue OT, I highly recommend you observe sessions. This helped us to understand the tools our child was learning and how we could respond to then reinforce and apply in other environments.


We have had amazing experiences with both of the following: Elisabeth Meikle at Outdoor Kids (all of their therapists are wonderful and it’s a terrific program but Elisabeth led our son’s group and she is simply magic! I know she is doing private/one-on-one OT now, as well) and Kristina Fuller at Full Circle. We could not have asked for a better one-on-one OT experience.