PE for 6 year old boy (outside school)

We have a six and a half year old son who needs extra help developing his gross motor skills. We’ve been through Kaiser for an eval and have done some PT (he has flat feet and rigid ankles but that’s it). But we can see a pronounced difference between him and his peers - he’s hesitant climbing, hesitates going down stairs and generally tires out easily. We would love to find someone who can work with him on the weekdays after school or weekends and really get him moving, preferably someone with a background in PE. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Hi - my son was in a similar situation all through elementary school until the pandemic hit.  At that time he was in 5th grade and had little interest in any organized sports or playing around outside and got tired quickly. He couldn't walk around the block without stopping and complaining. Once our daily situation changed and he was learning from home, his afternoon caregiver shifted in her duties and started taking him out each afternoon exploring.  They went on walks in Tilden, down to the beach, to the marina - all over the East Bay, spending at least three hours a day outside, rain or shine.  He started to really enjoy his outdoor time because it wasn't forced exercise, but time spent exploring, running with dogs, finding salamanders and sticks and just being a kid.  Within 6 months he was in great shape and now, 2 years later, can hike 5 miles without any difficulty, often running and skipping along the way.  It didn't take a PE teacher - just a caregiver who is patient and interested in exploring with him.  For us, this remains his daily schedule and is the recipe for an active future! Hope that helps.  

Check out Outdoor Kids OT. Outdoor, nature based occupational therapy. My son has attended for two years and thinks of it as his play group—they really focus on fun, engaging gross and fine motor skills so the kids don’t even think of it as therapy. Groups in Tilden and Joaquin Miller, weekdays and weekends. HIGHLY recommended!