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Not sure where you live, but Alameda Parks & Rec does swim lessons all summer that are really good. Group, semi-private, and private have all been offered in the past. There are non-resident rates.

Hi, Alameda Parks & Recreation runs swimming lessons, including group, semi-private, and private. My son has done the group classes a few times, and I did a private lesson for a week. I think they do a great job! The costs aren't bad at all - a private on Saturdays for 3 weeks is $96 for residents of Alameda, $111 for non-residents. That is for winter and spring sessions on the weekends. In the summer they usually do the lessons a week at a time for 4 days (Mon - Thurs) and you can sign up for multiple weeks.

Hi, depends on the age of your child -- Alameda Rec & Parks sponsors swim lessons at the city pools (which are heated, but not heated to like a bathtub temperature like AquaTech is), in group, semi-private, and private lessons, starting at the age of 3. My son has done the group lessons, and I've been impressed with the instructors. I also did a private lesson and thought the instructor was good. They've just announced the winter series, so it's a good time to sign up.…