Private Swim Instructor Berkeley?

Hi, My 11 year old can't seem to progress in his swim classes (even private) at Albany and UC Berkeley. He has some discomfort in water and really struggles to get the breathing for free style. He's definitely sill a beginner.  I'm looking for a professional or a college student who has taught before to give one on one lessons. I'm pretty desperate at this point since classes fill up quickly and they are contributing to this negative dance around swimming. I love the water but just need him to be safe. Any thoughts/recommendations??

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The City of Alameda offers private swim lessons. I think the instructors are college students, and we've had great experiences there. Affordable too!

This is not what you asked for but it may help. My kid was also scared of the water and made zero progress in any of the swim classes around here and also no progress in privates. At the recommendation of many others, we signed her up for Canyon Swim School in El Sobrante. It's a pain to drive there but it was worth it. She finally started advancing and became a swimmer!

Hi, I've been teaching swimming for over 40 years primarily to children with special needs. I would like to suggest that the first focus should be on feeling comfortable in the water and enjoying it, not a skill. Feeling comfortable can take a few sessions or a long time. You have to learn how the water works, how it holds you up, when you sink, when you float, how you move, how you roll over, and know that you can hold your breath when needed and be okay with a wet face. This acclimation can take time. Then you can learn how to move through the water. Movements begin in a less refined manner and improve over time and with practice. Every person has their own clock.  Be patient, keep it fun, safe, and enjoyable and happy.