Seeking toddler swim lessons in/near Alameda (Aquatech full)

Hey parents! Does anyone have recommendations for a swim teacher (private or semi-private) in or near Alameda? Aquatech has been full for two years straight, M-S (I look regularly) for my child's age. Any recommendations would be hugely appreciated. (I am currently looking into Ohana, but would love something even closer.)

Thank you much!

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Jeff Daitsman is a wonderful, patient swim teacher and he will come to a pool near you, if there is one. Our 3yo son has been taking swim lessons with him and he's so great. Our son is very high maintenance and has not made Jeff's job easy but he stuck it out and our son actually enjoys putting his face in the water now! And he is not expensive either. He has early childhood training and also teaches group classes around the East Bay. I think you can contact him through his website or give him a call or email.

jeffdaitsmanchildcare [at]

Hi, depends on the age of your child -- Alameda Rec & Parks sponsors swim lessons at the city pools (which are heated, but not heated to like a bathtub temperature like AquaTech is), in group, semi-private, and private lessons, starting at the age of 3. My son has done the group lessons, and I've been impressed with the instructors. I also did a private lesson and thought the instructor was good. They've just announced the winter series, so it's a good time to sign up.