Swimming lessons/camps for anxious pre-teen


My son is 12 and has had many swim lessons over the years, but he has not had a lot of practice since and he has anxiety/avoidance around swimming. We feel like he needs 1:1 and/or a camp so that he's swimming every day for a week or so. Does anyone have recommendations? Are there swimming camps (for non-expert swimmers) during spring break? Or not-super-expensive 1:1 lessons?

Thank you!!


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Hi, Alameda Parks & Recreation runs swimming lessons, including group, semi-private, and private. My son has done the group classes a few times, and I did a private lesson for a week. I think they do a great job! The costs aren't bad at all - a private on Saturdays for 3 weeks is $96 for residents of Alameda, $111 for non-residents. That is for winter and spring sessions on the weekends. In the summer they usually do the lessons a week at a time for 4 days (Mon - Thurs) and you can sign up for multiple weeks.