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Aspire Education Project is not affiliated with Aspire Pubic Schools

Aspire Education Project is the only non-profit tutoring and educational services organization in the East Bay, and fights for preK-12 educational equity with the highest quality services available. Our program actively promotes educational equity: for families that can afford it, we provide paid tutoring services of the finest quality to support their children’s educational achievement; we then take that income and use it to support a wide range of free and low-cost educational services for children from low-income families.

Parent Reviews

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When my daughter struggled with Physics this year we used Aspire Education for tutoring, at the recommendation of her school. They have many tutors available and will work with you to find one whose personality and style fits with your daughter's needs. An additional plus is that they will come to your house, if your want, so you don't have to spend your time taking your daughter somewhere - and waiting while she has her session. I highly recommend them. They can be reached at aspire 

Are you seeking a summer opportunity for your Pre-Teen or Teen to volunteer and learn new skills?

I have a high schooler and middle schooler who participated for two summers in the Community Reading Buddies volunteer program.  They became very enlightened about how teachers and parents feel when they don't readily follow instructions. I believe the experience enhanced their personal growth and taught them to be patient when learning difficult subjects. They became experienced with the idea that improvement happens in small steps even if you do not see immediate results. As volunteers they learned about their own strengths and weaknesses, to manage frustrations and most of all an opportunity to practice patience! Terrific opportunity for your Teen to feel like they accomplished something and appreciate all they opportunities they take for granted!

A few more highlights about the program

  •  It has run in Oakland for 22 years. 
  • Teens go through a short training, then spend time in Oakland's public preschools, reading one-on-one with young children. 
  • They make fast friends, and the reading fun spreads like wildfire. Teens love being looked up to and seeing their little buddy's literacy skills bloom. 
  • Commitment is flexible, locations various. Check it out and get signed up!


Archived Q&A and Reviews

March 2015

RE: Tutor for ISEE or SSAT

I have used an Aspire tutor for one-to-one test prep tutoring for my son and it really helped. They have experienced professional tutors that will help your daughter with tutoring, practice exams, and review for the ISEE. The cost is reasonable, the tutors are excellent (some are college students, some have graduate degrees), and my son's tutor came to our house to work with him on a weekend! Aspire is a nonprofit and they occasionally extend families a scholarship rate for tutoring, if they qualify. Aspire Education's phone# 510-658-7500. Best of luck with the ISEE!