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Tutor for ISEE or SSAT

March 2015

My daughter will take the private high school admission exams next year. She is already quite anxious about standardized testing. I'd like to get her working with a tutor over the summer in order to alleviate some of her fears. I'd be grateful for any advice about tutors who specialize in these tests Berkeley mom

I have used an Aspire tutor for one-to-one test prep tutoring for my son and it really helped. They have experienced professional tutors that will help your daughter with tutoring, practice exams, and review for the ISEE. The cost is reasonable, the tutors are excellent (some are college students, some have graduate degrees), and my son's tutor came to our house to work with him on a weekend! Aspire is a nonprofit and they occasionally extend families a scholarship rate for tutoring, if they qualify. Aspire Education's phone# 510-658-7500. Best of luck with the ISEE!

Feb 2015

Emily Weinstein was amazing in helping our 9 year old become familiar with the ISEE test. She made it seem fun and my daughter really enjoyed learning the test taking skills. I think preparation really helped with her scores. Highly recommend! R. A.

SSAT/ISEE tutor for smart 7th grader w ADHD

Sept 2012

Any recommendations for an ISEE/SSAT tutor who is good with kids who have ADHD? Ideally it would be someone who could figure out which areas would show greatest improvement with tutoring, and who could help with the writing sample. Thanks! Anon 

Hi there - Classroom Matters in Berkeley has tutors who work every year with kids who are taking standardized tests, and the ISEE. They are very knowledgeable about the content and have helped a lot of kids with test-taking strategies. Lisa Miller is the director. Tatiana

May 2009

Mo Rahmoun tutored our son for the ISEE test. After taking the test, our son was thrilled with the dramatic improvement in his scores. My husband and I were also pleased with the greatly improved scores, but we were even more pleased with how much our son enjoyed learning with Mo and how he got a better sense of himself as a learner--his strengths and weaknesses, his ability to benefit from a one-on-one tutoring relationship, his increased confidence in his intelligence. Mo did a great job with him, and our son often commented to my husband and me that Mo is both a really nice man and an excellent tutor. We highly recommend Mo to other parents. Mo is also highly experienced in tutoring students on the SAT, the ACT, the SAT subject tests, and the SSAT. We will hire him again if our son needs help preparing for SAT tests. Call Mo Rahmoun at 510-367-5829 or 510-763-9627 or email him at bcfcl [at]