Physics Tutor who gets teenage girls

My daughter is a student at Oakland School for the Arts and has signed up to take Physics next year. She is very nervous about the course, as she is not especially comfortable with math. So I'm looking into a tutor to provide her with some support. The most recent recommendations in the archives are from 2016... does anyone have any more recent experience with a fun, dynamic teacher who gets teenage girls?

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When my daughter struggled with Physics this year we used Aspire Education for tutoring, at the recommendation of her school. They have many tutors available and will work with you to find one whose personality and style fits with your daughter's needs. An additional plus is that they will come to your house, if your want, so you don't have to spend your time taking your daughter somewhere - and waiting while she has her session. I highly recommend them. They can be reached at aspire 

My son has been going to Classroom Matters for all his tutoring needs for years now and he has been very happy.  He has studied math, Spanish, SAT prep and physics.  He’s had male and female tutors.  The quality has been great, and CM has been VERY patient with our schedule changes.  The are on Sacramento street at Dwight.  Good luck!  Sue 

I don't have a suggestion but just a BIG WAY TO GO for connecting your girl with opportunities for success!