Aspire Public Schools

Aspire Public Schools operates a number of public charter schools in Oakland and Richmond.

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Familiar with Aspire Schools?

Nov 2009

HI. Is anyone familiar with Aspire Schools? Are they really ''separate'' from the local school district? What is the level of parent participation? the experience of the teachers? any information would be appreciated.

I have two friends who are both long time Aspire employees. One a lead teacher the other a principal - their dedication to this organization, their schools, and students is inspiring to say the least. In addition to hearing many stories about the organization's academic successes (which are many) and challenges, I also volunteered for a year at Wilson Prep and was able to see the students in action. I worked with hard working students who were very much incorporating the Aspire philosophy of ''College for Everyone.''

The organization is absolutely separate from OUSD. Their employees work so hard often on nights and weekends and can be too much for many teachers to keep up with the pace and expectations that are placed on them. It becomes a lifestyle for those who are dedicated and stay long term. I also know one teacher who left because the expectations and requirements were too much.

Depending on your location and academic goals for your child if there is an Aspire school in your area I would definitely recommend checking it out to see if it is a fit. parent of incoming K student