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2010 - 2014 Discussions

Psychologist for a teenage daughter

Feb 2014

I would like to highly recommend a Psychologist for a teenage daughter with social anxiety, perfectionism, and depression. We met Dr Lesleigh Franklin during a crisis with our teenage daughter. Dr Franklin immediately took charge, bonded with our daughter, and has guided us to a better, safer place. Our daughter has made great strides in a few months. She works with our family, including 2 step-parents, allowing us to meet as a group &/or just our teen. She is extremely insightful and direct, allowing us to start healing, and make changes in our lives allowing our daughter to have less anxiety. I have met so many therapists that haven't been helpful in the past, that I want to share this one. Lesleigh Franklin PhD, 415-515-4281, 411 30th St, Suite 305, Oakland. Gretchen

Psychologist for negative child with ADHD

March 2013

I have a grade school child who was diagnosed with ADHD. However almost everything out of his mouth is doom and gloom. He seems to always tell me the negative side. I have tried asking what are some positive things and he wants no part of it. His life is good, family, friends and doing well in school and sports. However he seems unhappy. Does anyone know of a child psychologist that works with ADHD children? Thank you for reading. Worried Mom Anon

Kent Grelling is a wonderful psychologist who works with kids and adolescents. He is in Orinda. Been There

Seeking a pediatric psychologist

Sept 2012

Can someone please recommend a pediatric psychologist that accepts Anthem Blue Cross (HMO)? Thank you. Frustrated with Insurance Obstacles

I highly recommend Dr. Deborah Ronay. She is compassionate, sharp and very experienced with children. 510-379-9235 Valerie, LCSW

My recommendation may be a bit South for most in this network, but here's my experience nonetheless. Our kids' pediatrician gave us a referral to the Center for Developing Minds ( ) Our 5 year-old son was having sleep problems. At that practice we met with one of the partners, Dr. Neal Rojas. I was impressed with the way he went about collecting information and determining a solution. He began with a quick medical exam and then engaged my son and I in some role playing. He asked me to write a very detailed narrative about our bedtime ritual. After two visits he had a plan of action for us - just some basic rewards to reinforce correct behavior, and that I needed to shorten the bedtime ritual. It all made sense. Dr. Rojas wrote a thorough assessment of things, called and talked to me about the plan, and followed up with our pediatrician. It barely took a week before our sleep problems were solved. Other things to consider - at the time - 3 years ago - this was the only practice in the area with a pediatric behavioral psychiatrist. I emphasize ''behavioral,'' this guy really understands young children. Also, this wasn't cheap, and you pay in full at the time of service. That being said, the office staff provides you with everything you need to submit a claim to your insurance company - which worked for us. Dan

Child Psychologist, w/ experience with cancer kids

May 2010

I am seeking a recommendation for a child psychologist, who has experiences with children who had gone through cancer treatment in the past, and are having some social adjustment issues at school. My son went to almost four years of cancer treatment. He is off treatment for two years, and now in the end of 5th grade. Even since he was still during treatment, he tends to fall into a role of being bullied.

He sees himself as physically weaker than his peers (which unfortunately is true due to the result of cancer treatment), and he feels he is too weak to stand up for himself.

I would like him to have someone who can coach him how to navigate some socially conflicting situations with his peers.

He is talented with drawing and art, has tremendous patience, and has very pleasant characteristics. However, he does not seem to know how to be confrontational in more firm and assertive way.

I have asked some help from school, but the support seems minimum.

Any recommendation is appreciated. Thank you. Mom who is seekng support for my child

Rachel Levy works in Market Hall in Rockridge, and specializes in work with this population. She's bright, competent, and great with kids. Her number is 510- 287-2625. Seth

Your son is probably eligible for a 504 plan or an IEP(if he doesn't have one already), which obligates the school to plan for his needs. Talk to one of the parent advocates at the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF). You also might check at the hospital where he was treated, and see if there are any post-treatment support groups for children. anon

Hi, I feel for your son and all he and your family have gone through. I have an excellent referral however. Kristina Whitney, Ph.D. is a wonderful clinical psychologist who specializes in working with children as well as working with children who have or have had medical issues. She is top notch and I think you should at least call to get a feel for her style. Dr. Whitney is located in Oakland in the Rockridge area and her phone number is (510) 658-8052. Good luck. Rachel

I know of two therapists at Children's Hospital who deal only with cancer children and their families (our family too!). They are Dina Hankin and Pam Orren, both very nice women. I don't know if you have to be seen by the oncology group at CHO to have access to Dina and Pam though. Worth looking into. I'm sorry you have need for their services. Another peds onc mama

2005 - 2009 Discussions

Child psychologist specializing in sexual abuse

Oct 2009

I have reason to believe my four year old daughter might have been sexually molested. I am looking for a good child psychologist/therapist who specializes in sexual abuse who can help us figure out what happened and also help my daughter recover. Thank you. anon

I wanted to let you know that you are not alone. We are dealing with this currently.

The first thing that you need to know is that as soon as you bring a professional into your child's life, Child Protective Services will be notified and a report will be written. All therapists, psychologists... are mandated reporters. CPS may or may not investigate. Your report will be forwarded to the police in your city. Berkeley is very proactive in investigating reports of sexual abuse.

Your child will have interview/s at Callico, an agency who specializes in interviewing children about abuse. The DA will view the interview either by tape or in person. Your child may or may not have a physical exam at Children's Hospital. They are fantastic and it is not scary at all. The police may or may not file charges, but you will be expected to keep your child away from the perpetrator.

Children's Hospital has fantastic therapeutic services. They are free to victims and are specialized in dealing with sexual abuse. Please call them and learn about the Center for Child Protection. You can survive this as long as you allow yourself to receive support. Discovering sexual abuse puts you through an intense grief process. Anger, Denial, Bargaining... and eventually you can make it to acceptance. I pray you peace and strength. You may ask the moderator to give you my email. Stronger than I ever thought

ISO Child Psychologist for 7yo's anxiety

Jan 2009

Our seven-year-old daughter has anxiety issues. We need help. Might you have a child psychologist to recommend? We're in Contra Costa so referrals on the east side of the tunnel are even more appreciated. I'm reading The Highly Sensitive Child now and would also be grateful for any books you might recommend that could help us. L.

Hi. I would highly recommend Virginia VandenBergh MFCC. She has helped me a great deal with my little sister's anorexia and has a great deal of expertise in this area. She has a wonderful way with children and is extremely compassionate. Her office is located in the Rockridge Area of Oakland and I find that she can often work with me at odd hours- very amenable. Her phone number is 510-654-6096. I wish you the best of luck. Jordan

Mary Crittendon

June 2003

Mary Crittendon has come recommended to me to assess my child. She is a developmental and behavorial pediatric pyschologist at UCSF. Has anyone had any experience with her or heard anything? Thank you!

My son was evaluated by Mary Crittendon in kindergarten (he is now in 6th grade). She was wonderful. A tiny woman who can fit in the little chairs that the kids sit in. She was very helpful in seeing my child in all his diverse aspects. She did not diagnose ADHD but did suggest follow up evaluations. She had very specific information about how he perceived the world around him and how to help him be more comfortable and effective. We didn't go back to her, but four years later we did end up having him seen again and he was diagnosed with ADHD. He is now seeing Dr. Brad Berman, who I love and who also sees kids as wonderful, funny, interesting humans who need help and guidance to be their best. My suggestion is, if you go to her and she says come back in a year -- do it. anon mom