Looking for a psychologist for teen with motivational issues

Hi. We have a 15 year old with on-going motivational issues. He's got a lot of dreams for the future but can't seem to invest much effort into achieving them. The biggest problem being not doing required (and easy) assignments during the end of any given school year. Like he's purposefully sabotaging himself. He's setting himself up for heart break. We'd like to find a psychologist who will get to the heart of his self-harming behavior. What we don't want is someone who will convince him to lower his, frankly, modest career expectations, but actually get him to see that moderate efforts will get him results. Not looking for an honor roll kid, just a functional one. Can anyone recommend a local psychologist that would fit this bill? Thanks!

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Oh man, that sounds familiar. While you are waiting on a rec, I suggest reading the book, He’s Not Lazy. It helped me understand a little more about what was driving the behavior and also helped me help my teen manage it a little better. Not a replacement for professional help, but good in conjunction, imo. 

We're two weeks into looking and every psychologist is telling me they are fully booked. No one's answering here in a week. Mental health in this country is impossible to deal with.

My 15 year old daughter has similar issues and has had success working with Heather Ayers-Cluff https://www.trailblazertherapyinfo.com/about

I was so relieved to find her during the pandemic after several weeks of searching for a therapist who works with teens. Most people were fully booked. I don't know whether Heather has any openings right now.