Child psychologist for 7 year old

I am looking for a child psychologist for my 7 year -old daughter. She is having a hard time to make and keep friendships and also since her brother was born we have been dealing with aggressive behavior. All recommendations are welcome. We prefer a woman psychologist in Berkeley, Albany or Rockridge area. 

Thank you so much!

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I have a verrrry difficult child. We have had AMAZING results with Elena Schabes at the Antioch Kaiser. I know she also sees patients elsewhere, it would be worth it for you to contact her. If she can't help you I am sure she can recommend someone else.

Good luck!

I'd highly recommend Dr. Fortunee Kayra-Stuart. She worked with my daughter for 18 months, from 5-1/2 to 7yo and it resolved the anxiety issues she was suffering. She loves working with children through play. She's in her 80's, in excellent health, migrated from Greece, incredibly experienced, works with the courts a lot (family law) and a remarkable therapist (I still see her).

fortunee [at]

2550 Ninth St. #115
Berkeley CA 94710

Best of luck finding someone for your child. 


We see Dr. Patrick Chrisman. He is very gentle and caring and was great with our young daughter. Please check his website out. Good luck.