Katrinca Ford, MFT

Oakland, San Ramon
(925) 831-1926
katrinca [at] familyplaytherapy.com

I offer therapy, consultation and training for children, parents, teachers and child care and health care providers.  Focus of all service is improving the mental, social, emotional health of children.  Please visit my website for more information about my background and approach.  For information about specific services and how I might assist you, your family or your school please contact me by phone or email.

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I highly recommend Katrinca Ford.  Phone number (925) 831-1926 and website: familyplaytherapy.com.

She has worked with children with incarcerated parents and developed some training materials on the topic for teacher and mental heath staff at Head Start in Contra Costa County while I was working there.  

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Nov 2010

RE: Violent but Loving 3 yr old

Hi Nicki, Sounds you know you and your little boy need help but you are not sure where to turn next. I highly recommend that you give Katrinca Ford a call. Katrinca is a therapist who specializes in work with pre-school age children and families. I know her because before she was a therapist she co-founded the preschool of which I am now the director. Katrinca continues to consult with the school on behavioral issues and early childhood mental health, and was very helpful in more than one challenging situation. I have seen Katrinca in action many times and know her to be both insightful and compassionate. She communicates well with both children and adults. Katrinca will work closely with parents and school to make sure your child's needs for love, understanding and limits are being met in both settings. Here phone # is (925) 831-1926. Good luck Sheri