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Mary Crittendon

June 2003

Mary Crittendon has come recommended to me to assess my child. She is a developmental and behavorial pediatric pyschologist at UCSF. Has anyone had any experience with her or heard anything? Thank you!

My son was evaluated by Mary Crittendon in kindergarten (he is now in 6th grade). She was wonderful. A tiny woman who can fit in the little chairs that the kids sit in. She was very helpful in seeing my child in all his diverse aspects. She did not diagnose ADHD but did suggest follow up evaluations. She had very specific information about how he perceived the world around him and how to help him be more comfortable and effective. We didn't go back to her, but four years later we did end up having him seen again and he was diagnosed with ADHD. He is now seeing Dr. Brad Berman, who I love and who also sees kids as wonderful, funny, interesting humans who need help and guidance to be their best. My suggestion is, if you go to her and she says come back in a year -- do it. anon mom